Sunday, November 23, 2008

The new shape of things has come.

And by things, I mean pants.  After being constantly bombarded with images of "the new shape" of pants, I can't help but be affected.  Call them any name you want: drop-crotch, harem, carrot pants, or jodphurs, they really are all just pants that are more loose up top and that taper somewhere between the legs and the ankles.  In all its slightly nuanced incarnations, the new shape of pants, like it or not, is taking over.  

Who has not seen the famed drop-crotch pants in the Comme for H&M collection, which we can perhaps credit for singlehandedly introducing drop-crotch pants to the masses?

Women's, unisex, men's, does it even matter nowadays?  Style Salvage Steve wears the Comme for H&M drop-crotch pants with such coolness.  If you're dating Susie Bubble, some good sense of style is bound to rub off on you after all.  

Local boutique Theodore's just brought in stocks of Endovanera, an LA label touted as "dark, tailored and understated".  Among the clothes in stock are these black wool jodphurs.

With a subtly baggier upper part and a zipped fitted bottom part, these pants are a more structured, less severe version of the H&M trousers.  Plus points for having their sizes run big; it always feels good to put on a pair of pants in a size supposedly too small for you only to find out they fit you perfectly!  But at around USD 300 a pop, they aren't exactly within my budget right now.  

But I found pants that are.  Long story short, being a victim of the media myself, I caved in and got these ribbed-cuff jeans at a local outlet sale today.  

From Thai label Greyhound, these pants fall well into the "new shape" of trousers today, with the slightly baggier top and fitted ankles.

worn down with Zara hat, Lego necklace, H&M tee, Margiela sneakers

worn pulled up with Giordano Concepts pique blazer

These broken-stitch sneaks belong to my brother.

close-up of the Lego keychain worn as pendant

In other news, I had so much fun playing dress-up all day yesterday with my two favorite people in the world right now:

Michelle, Manila's chicest physician-in-training

and photographer extraordinaire BJ Pascual who now has a dot com.  (Thanks again!!)

Apologies to Michelle and BJ for posting not exactly the best pictures of you guys, but these were all I had!


fuchsiaboy said...

i saw junya watanabe's version, f/w2008, and he redefined drop crotch coz his was to the floor already. :)

ive been wearing that for the longest time and funnily a lot of HK hipster had been rocking that look.

fuchsiaboy said...

the womens line. limi feu had some drop crotch pants also.

i was thinking of buying the h&m x cdg one but i'm not so excited now maybe because it looks so simple. i can actually make them. :)

Giancinephile said...

The drop-crotch trousers are really sparking up a lot of interest on my behalf! haha

Jai said...

Hmmm... the building behind your photographer friend looks so familiar!! Hehe,was this taken in Ortigas??

May I also know where I could purchase the Greyhound pants?

Frederic said...

cool cool.
great jeans.

izzydore said...

Jai: This was at a condo in Eastwood. The greyhound pants were purchased at the sale in Dimensione in Bonifacio High Street. CVS posted it on her blog:
Don't keep your hopes up though, my loot was among the remaining few.

fuchsiaboy said...

greyhound is so affordable in bangkok and i was really shocked that they are selling it here at a much higher price before.

hmmmm...can you email at we can exchange stuff you know. i can make you the shirt :)

izzydore said...

fuchsiaboy: I think that's one reason why Greyhound didn't do too well in the Philippines. Oh, and I just emailed you :)

DaisyChain said...

I really love your pants,
I want a pair of drop crotch ones but they look so awkward on me!

lilienblaueleuchtreklame said...

the black ones :)

BJ said...

i see you got the mens version! i like the denim in that version better but they're too big for me so i got the womens. hehe. i got the black one too. i love them, they're so comfortable! i got drop crotch pants from anthology din they're nice but a bit loose on me, i hafto have them altered pa.

izzydore said...

frederic and lilienblaueleuchtreklame: thanks :)

daisy: with your slim built and your pretty face, I doubt they'd look awkward on you. Give them a second chance! ;)

bj: the ones I'm wearing here are women's too! Plus I have a pair in the lighter denim, and michelle has a pair in black. Let's all wear them at the same time!

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