Friday, November 28, 2008

o.t.t. o.t.t.

I just found out yesterday that I share the same tailor with this guy,

one half of the local comedy duo Ariel and Maverick: a pair known just as much for their tacky-crazy getups as they are for their gag humor.  Now you know I like a little sparkle here and there, but those rings are just over-the-top over-the-top.  Although, I must say those rings are something I can see people like Susie Bubble 

or even Yu Masui

incorporating into their look and turning into fashion.  

My tailor, Mang Jun, says he made this for the comedian:

which looks to me like the rebellious drug-addict older brother of my own contrast-trim blazer.

at an art exhibit in Laforet Tokyo

Now I know I'm not the guy with the most crazy-ass projects at my tailor's.


Giancinephile said...

Crazy! haha

It's hard not to pass a laugh with your story regarding your tailor! haha

Frederic said...

Yu ´s very cool.

fuchsiaboy said...


well, some surprises are quite funny that way. :)

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