Thursday, November 27, 2008

patch up

I was in need of a pick-me-up today, so I headed to the nearby mall before class for a cheap thrill.  I picked up this gray sweater with elbow patches from Dean & Trent for just a little over USD 6.  (Yea, I know the sleeves are a bit short, but at that price, should I even be thinking?)  I found the elbow patch concept on a gray jersey sweater quite fresh actually, as elbow patches are more commonly seen on tweed jackets, and lately, on knit sweaters.    

Dean & Trent elbow-patch sweater, Mangrove pants from Tokyo, my brother's lace-up Vans

view from the back

Found any cheap thrills recently?  Do share :)


a vision of neon said...

what an absolute find!
the short sleeves make it even better!

Frederic said...

oh love it.
They´re cheap, jaja.
bought them at zara.

Susanna-Cole said...

I though the sleeves were just 3-quarter length (or whatever that length I'm thinking of is called! :P) great shirt, and great price too! Sadly I've had no cheap thrills lately. :(

And oh glad you love Magnetic Poetry too! Sad thing is I do long have a metal door that can hold magnets, so my Magnetic Poetry has been sitting in a box for a while. :(


izzydore said...

neon: thanks! it means a lot coming from someone with exquisite (and expensive!) tastes.

frederic: what did you buy at zara?

sc: I think Magnetic Poetry was originally intended for fridge doors, im sure you have one! A whiteboard would work perfectly too.

Anonymous said...

I love elbow patches on sweaters. I recently saw some black tights with white "patches" on the knees - unfortunately too expensive for tights (they just rip so easily) but really really wonderful, despite being reminiscent of volleyball knee pads.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I lied - they're thigh-highs, not tights. Here they are:

Timmy Ang said...

at 6 dollars i wonder how i make money doing this...

ah, but you wear it well. keep it up.

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