Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fashion Fridays at Topman NYC

My friends in New York, this might be fun:

Should it fail to amaze, grab one of their amazingly soft slinky low-cut tank tops, head to the register (don't forget your school ID!) and call it a night.


Brandon said...

hmmmm. I think I have 2 things tops from topman, a shitty pair of sunglasses I have left in London and a hat i rarely wear... maybe i'll go!

Sandeep said...

I channeled you for my holiday this year. From my luggage to my wardrobe...Im a DANDY! I want to be a modern Dandy! :) Love the blog and everything you post. I hope all is well.


Unknown said...

Thanks for this info! have registered and will meet topman! cheers

Fashion Questionnaire

meplusmycamera said...

oohhhh, I just love white Topman shirts. They fit me. That's all.

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