Thursday, December 30, 2010

Norwegian Rain

A rainy day in Boston is not a pretty sight: cheap plastic galoshes and rain jackets of the Northern Face persuasion abound. I always find myself in the middle of the thunderstorm, refusing to give in to functionality, in my khaki cotton trench, rolled-up white pants and beige suede shoes, looking like a doused dirty cotton ball. Looking fly and staying dry in a rain shower is not an easy feat, that's why I am excited about Scandinavian brand Norwegian Rain's offerings, which they dub as "extreme rainwear technology meets Japanese simplicity and traditional men’s tailoring".

Norwegian Rain's installation at the launch of the Bergen pop-up book in Milan

Norwegian Rain combines science and engineering with style and luxe materials: their hooded coats are made out of recycled hi-tech membrane textiles from Japan, and are lined in cashmere for warmth. Here are my favorites:

A double-breasted raincoat in the richest rusty brown herringbone, to be worn atop my abundance of black everyday clothes:

The deliciousness is in the details: note the inner belt placed for optimal fit when the jacket is left open. There are also three inner pockets where one could stow away the detachable hood in fair weather.

the coat buckled up with the side outer belt

A sharp, military-esque single-breasted raincoat in olive:

I love how the silhouette changes dramatically when buttoned or belted.

Norwegian Rain's signature piece, the unisex raincho:

I'm partial to any silhouette with the vaguest resemblance to a kimono, and the idea of looking like a dark samurai in the rain appeals to me deeply.

The raincho, easy and unbelted.

Scenes from Norwegian Rain's presentation at the White Show in Milan, June of this closing year, where they showcased their raincoats alongside art installations brimming with the absurd:

a mannequin hand grasping for a palm

...or an egg

the brand's creative director Alexander Helle and bespoke tailor/designer T-Michael

Norwegian Rain coats are available in their online store, and at the Skostredet 9a, Bergen, Kirkegaten 20/Posthallen, Oslo. Oslo-ites: you lucky fellows get a discount of 120 EUR on the new collection if you hand in an old coat as part of "Project Winter Coat", a charity that helps provide warm coats to people in need.

photos via Norwegian Rain


Shane B said...

it doesn't rain here in DC as much as in Boston, but I totally understand what you're saying ... nice post, very informative and inspiring:)

Brandon said...

Damn Izz! Just as I think I don't need anymore raincoats you show me this. Assshole!

Izzy said...

Brandon: Which one do you want? I think I need the brown one..

Style Odyssey said...

i've been looking for the perfect trench. the 'unisex raincho' is really beautiful. if i could find a women's version, i just might be set. i still have, and use on occasion, an old Gill off-shore foul-weather jacket from my caribbean sailing era. it doesn't exactly qualify as a trench, and i feel strange wearing it onshore. so my search continues...some inspiring finds in this post, to be sure!

Brandon said...

Yes the first coat? the brown one is the number 1 and its cashmere lined you say? fuck. Oh that rain poncho thing is also reaaaaaaly good

Izzy said...

B: I could totally see you in the raincho. It's almost post-apocalyptic

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