Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Cable-knit Confection

In these hibernation-inducing climes, one thing throbbing on my wishlist is a cable-knit sweater in rich ivory, comforting like a full-fat cup of eggnog.

the classic cable knit jumper by Sunspel, an English heritage label that has "spent 150 years perfecting the art of timeless clothing"

I like the popcorn-esque texture of the bumps on this knit.

With relaxed black trousers, bare feet, and that rose gold watch that I dream will appear magically on my doorstep come Christmas morning, this marshmallowy sweater will make for the perfect outfit for lounging around the house during the holidaze.

photos via Sunspel


Lee said...

Looks so cozy :)

Brandon said...

I love a good fishermans sweater as much as the next guy. My only problem is the materials used to make them. I'd love to see some designer experiment with adding more luxe touches maybe spin a bit of cashmere and tencel into the mix? Vintage ones I find are always too rough for my liking though :(.

Izzy said...

Brandon: Why complain? You already have the Versace one in 100% cashmere. I've got my eyes dead set on that and your floral print shirt..

Brandon said...

Oh yeah I forget because my Boyf steals it all the time!

PS: If I want to make collages are there any programs out there I can do that with? Other then photoshop?

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