Thursday, December 2, 2010

Orthodox Inspiration

I know this has been posted a while back, and I can't believe I've neglected to share this with you guys. I was snapped by Mordechai Rubinstein of Mister Mort, one of New York's most regarded street style photographers. He is a classicist; and though I may not completely agree with everything he says, I respect his opinions on how he thinks men should dress. His point-of-view most definitely comes out in the images he takes.

Pendleton wool hat, Topman blazer and shirt, Comme des Garcons belt, H&M jeans, Prada bag, ASOS shoes

It was a rainy day that Fashion Week and I thought I'd wear my new wide-brimmed Pendleton hat as an umbrella alternative. Mordechai called me from across the street and told me how much my outfit reminded him of what Orthodox Jewish Bochurim wore back when he was in school. I was loosely inspired by the austerity of the Hassidic Jews' and the Amish' traditional garb, and it brought me such joy that he found my get-up remotely amusing.

navy cut-out monk strap shoes from ASOS

Philip Crangi railroad spike cuff, Number (N)ine cuff, Casio watch

Mordechai's animated write-up was quite entertaining, but if you're up for a few more laughs, check out the comments section and count the scathing remarks on my Prada "purse". Thanks, Mordechai, it was an honor!

photos via Mister Mort


Giancinephile said...

Lovin' those ASOS shoes!

Brandon said...

This is why I have a problem with street style photogs and their commenters. The internet is all about freedom of expression and here there are people who set up sites specifically to take photographs of members of the general public who have a tonne more imagination then themselves only to make fun of them and earn site views just for this purpose. Generally disagree with everything about this style nazi mr mort.

susie said...

Seconding Brandon, I'm pretty uncomfortable with the comments and Mort's own writing and comments on that post. Your style is so beyond anything the traditional men are doing, and also transcends rigid gendered ideology. That is precisely what attracts me and my husband to your blog moreso than the traditional men's sites and streetstyle sites.

The discomfort with the bag, the complaints about "aping" religion, are just so tired. Clearly your look could also be said to take inspiration from Yohji, or any 90s minimalist designer. David Lynch came to mind when I saw the images. In short, you look really great. I love the little details -- the jewelry, belt, shoes, and bag -- that make this simple outfit special, and I think it's precisely in the details that you stand out as one of the best dressed gentlemen on the internet.

I hope you just shrugged those comments off over at Mort's site. It's just so icky to me that the men's blog world is dominated by such closed mindedness about dressing and, let's just call it what it is: fashion, that world they participate in but pretend not to be a part of.

Izzy said...

Brandon: I do agree that the Internet is about freedom of expression. Hence, I welcome all comments on the outfit, positive or negative, as long as they're respectful and not personal attacks. Like I said, I may not agree with all of Mr. Mort's views on how men should dress, but I respect his opinions, and I do admire him for having such a specific point-of-view in the subjects he chooses rather than just snapping every other skinny-jeaned hipster on the street.

Susie: I did take it lightly, Susie, and thanks for your concern. I've only found Mordechai to be a nice guy, from speaking to him in person and in a few e-mail correspondences. And his writing, I think, was generally a humorous rendition of the shock he experienced seeing such a familiar style of dress rendered in a slightly different way, and that the overall tone was that of amusement. Again, I'm all for self-expression and I welcome everything people would like to say. But my friends! It's so not a purse!! hahaha

Andrew said...

Haters gunna hate. I think it's kind of strange for people to be blasting off on a street style photo, but I think it might be a different story for a fashion blogger as yourself. I know I'm used to getting bad press (see and ) but that is part of the idea of fashion and blogging. I'm going to blog things I like and I find interesting, and there is obviously going to be negative backlash. I'm not nieve and I don't expect people to love what I do, but I put myself out there expecting a reaction. I suppose street style "victims" have an option to politely say no. I don't think you go to fashion week to not stand out, though.

Regardless... you look great! Keep on keepin on my friend

Brothers Menswear said...

Always enjoy your articles.
Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

ooo, you don't just carry the bag well, you carry yourself well. i greatly respect your dignity. i was...kind of shocked he so didn't get it and didn't respect it more (this from his own comments responding to the readers, not in the main post). i only ever said yes to 2 Japanese editors for a pic because I would never know how or where they used the picture. not sure i would say yes to an american blogger.
well, at any rate, you look great.

Noelle Chantal said...

Hi, Izzy! How are you? It's been a while. You are looking great as ever! Love this ensemble of yours. Those shoes, very nice! Def your style!

Have a great week! :)

Izzy said...

noelle: i'm well thanks, you? thanks! see you in Manila this month?

Anonymous said...

Love that outfit, especially the bag and the hat.

TheBlueEyedBoy said...

I love the shoes !

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