Monday, December 27, 2010

The Printed Portfolio

Paul Smith was one of the first designers I ever harbored a liking for; I remember saving up for his floral-print shirts in psychedelic colors back in my early college days. And though my taste for color vacillates between austere and harlequin through the years, the fact that I keep coming back to Paul Smith's pieces proves that kook and whimsy never go out of style.

I stepped into the Paul Smith flagship store in London last summer, and couldn't help but step out with a memento of my visit:

Paul Smith portfolio depicting a Mini Cooper decked out in the brand's signature stripes, hanging high from a crane

One thing I love about Paul Smith pieces is that he always brings that something extra, oftentimes unseen.

I was delighted to find that the bag was lined in a kingly shade of purple.

I (cumbersomely) carried it around the shows at the last Fashion Week in New York:

Here I am with a bunch of fashion folk I don't really know. Worn with +J coat, shirt of my design, April 77 jeans, ASOS shoes. (photo via click/clash)

Nothing says fashion journalist as much as the act of carrying around a stylish bag, overstuffed and handle-less, to reinforce the thesis that beauty of the impractical nature is most aspirational.


Brandon said...

It's pieces like this from Mr Smith that are making me take digital print design next semester and I for one, cannot wait! Love these PS laptop bags too but wish they came with more designs...


loving that royal purple lining! and I need to get me of those clutch/portfolio to carry. I was just looking thru old entries, what a year it has been huh?! So great to finally meet you and got drunk in the friggin afternoon!!!!! I miss you Izzy! keep warm and stay fly! SEE YOU IN THE NEW DECADE!!! xoxo! represent! :)

Emma Homestay Bandar Tasik Puteri said...

This bag definitely tops my Peter Pilotto X Kipling digital print bag. Should save some dough for some good-looking bags like yours haha

Morgan Jordan said...

Saw you on College Fashionista - loved your resolution!

Those shoes are fantastic. You guys are too stylish.


PS Following you!

Anonymous said...

Paul Smith is totally brilliant in his attention to detail. Love the stripey car.



BJ Pascual said...

Izzy! ZOMG I have one of those but mine has a charming print that I can't really figure out. Parang fabric swatches na may typewritten text under each swatch. It was labelled as a "laptop case" when I got it, but it has no real pads lol but I didn't care.

And YES, I once tried walking around nyc in that bag. Ang hirap talaga ng walang handle!!! Hahaha!

Izzy said...

BJ: It actually is a laptop bag, and I'm using it as a portfolio. It's a little too roomy for my laptop anyway. Right? It's hard to carry. It's best for occasions when you're in the mindset of making sacrifices for style, like fashion week! I want to see your portfolio/laptop bag!!

Andrew said...


Taj said...

LOVE IT!!!! OMG I've been trying to find a portflio for the longest!!(I'm probz still gonna be looking bcuz I doubt that I have enough money for this Paul Smith beauty)

*u were the best dressed in that streetstyle photo #jussayin

Metal Carrying Cases said...

Didn't see price tag? how much is that laptop bag on sale?

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