Tuesday, March 23, 2010

tasty textiles

Spring has sprung in Boston, for a good two days, at least, and my taste for heavy black upon black has given in to softer, lighter hues, just like that. Check out these four new patterns shirt co-creation e-shop Blank Label is considering to add to their fabric roster:

(anti-clockwise, from top left) 1. a navy, white, and yellow tartan: easy dressing for the warmer months, 2. pink with black dots, my favorite, 3. white with lavender stripes, and 4. the most risque of them all, a striped floral in blues, purples, and yellows. (Although I would much rather see that last fabric on a pair of smartly cut pajama-pants for going out!)

Tell me which of these fabrics pique your interest, and I'll personally let the guys at Blank Label know.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I love the second one, black dots on lavender. Also like the number 4, kinda reminds me of Etro, though...


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