Friday, March 12, 2010

Inspiration: Old Gucci

I'm toying with the idea of resurrecting Tom Ford-era Gucci for this spring and the couple of seasons to come. Ford has long since left the label, has launched his eponymous line which is now doing quite well, and has even made success as a filmmaker, ergo, it isn't anymore too early to revisit those magical years. Old Gucci is practically retro.

If there's one look Tom Ford did well, it's dark and sexy. This ad campaign collage of his predominantly black Fall/Winter 2002 collection was came alive with references to orientalia (the obi belt), the wild west (cowboy hat and neckerchief), and goth culture (black cross + jet bead necklace).

I remember fawning over glossy Gucci magazine ads and diligently studying the runway shows which downloaded so slowly over my dialup connection at the age when I could barely afford a keychain from the brand let alone fit into one of their shirts. Fast forward to today, when I still couldn't afford to buy on-season at full price, but when wonderful blessings such as discount stores and fast fashion and DIY make every fashion dream possible, I plan to infuse the general feel of these looks into my wardrobe:


(left to right, top to bottom) 1) retro noir in a turtleneck and velvet flares, 2) black russian in the perfect peacoat and flares again, 3) women's fringe coat I'd actually wear, 4) and 5) spring summer relaxed all-black, 6) billowy black satin that wouldn't look out of place on OAK today

Maximalist White

(left to right) 1) that white coat - someone better do a men's cut version of that with the same exaggerated collar, 2) white wool and gold buttons - Tom Ford did the band jacket before everyone else! 3) huge cream flare pants

Flowy Robes

I'm on the hunt for a silk robe to wear as an indoor jacket: probably not floor length, but mid-thigh, and to be worn with a buttoned-up white shirt or a flimsy t-shirt underneath.

Floral Silk Bottoms + Velvet Slippers

These will make for quite an unexpectedly dandy summer look. I just recently acquired the latter, but the bloom-bedecked bottoms I'll have to get creative with in sourcing. Vintage? Women's? Pajamas? Suggestions?

all Tom Ford-era Gucci runway photos from Vogue UK
Gucci Fall 2009 ad campaign collage from The Fashion Spot Forums


-h said...

love tom ford era gucci & ysl.
as for the bottoms: natori

joy said...

You've made an impressive collage. I miss the 90s Gucci a lot.

Joy D.

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