Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Orthodox (Jewish) Opulence

The fall/winter 2010 collection of Danish label Uncommon Creatures creatively embodies that dark-Amish-dandy look I've long been a fan of. Uncommon Creatures' Jens Kold-Christensen says the line was inspired by Orthodox Jewish style, an inspiration I found extremely interesting. Odd hats, dramatic coats, and a play on diaphanousness all make for a promising debut collection.

Here are my picks:

one of my favorite looks, rich with detail: crumpled hat that looks like it's been stepped on, long cardigan that only buttons on top, double belt, and high-waisted trousers

asymmetrical cardigan, interesting cropped pants, and where do I find myself some beat-up Doc Martens?

I'm enamored by the degree of sheerness on this cardigan: just enough to let light through the panels around the hem.

One of my most favorite pieces in the collection is this dramatic shawl-coat with a frayed hem.

The funny fur hat and the one earring are endearing, but the knit trousers appear to be a good basic piece I can wear over and over.

I need these pants in the Dries-y print. Notice the swag of chains around the face, I still haven't decided how I feel about jewelry of this sort.


Gon said...

It's a great collection, I'm in love with the high waisted trousers, the first cardigan, hats and those printed trousers! I want it all!

Brandon Jones said...

Like it alot!

-h said...

The styling makes it so appealing

Chip said...


elizar33 said...

the sheer cardigan! perfect for cold nights at the beach this summer...

Designer Store said...

Nice post!

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Mat said...

really like this collection, im really impressed. now he mentions it, why isn't there more inspired by jewish culture. the culture is massive here and when we past them dressed like that in the streets we should really take more time to think.

PS im from jewish decent but i'm not biased!

oh and havent you heard, dr martens are releasing a "worn" collection soon

R. Gratz said...

I didn't know how to label this line but you totally got it right on the nail... dark-omish-dandy! Totally diggin' it.


chauss said...

how are u?
very interesting collection.
middle pix looks like tallit, prayer shawl.
xo chauss

yossi said...

dude thats mad cool im a orthodox jew myself and i think that should be there next style

kolin said...


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