Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Stylish Senior

My beloved Boston, fashion-indifferent and nightlife-dead as it is, is causing me to live my days the way a happy old man would: nippy morning strolls through falling autumn leaves, Friday nights at Trader Joe's, dressed-up dinners in lieu of drinks and dancing. On the same note, my wardrobe choices have been leaning towards those of a stylish septuagenarian. I seem to favor shirts a size or two too big for me, soft-, not sharp-shouldered jackets, tortoiseshell, cravats, slipper-type shoes. Here's a couple of things I plan on blowing my next pension plan check on:

"Mr. Casual" Belgian shoes in ostrich calf

or the same pair in lizard calf

Because even on my casual days, I still strive to look like a contributing member of society.

And something to block the harsh sun rays from my eyes and my deepening crow's feet from yours:

Linda Farrow x Damir Doma sunglasses, via Assembly New York
I love how Damir Doma freshened up the increasingly popular rounded wayfarer shape by doing it in a metal frame. And wire-rimmed glasses are infinitely more comfortable than acetate specs, in my opinion.

The brown leather nose piece is a luxe touch that I imagine would be quite comfy as well.

When you hit those years when your donut cushion is your best friend and your lower back hurts more often than your only daughter calls to check in, comfort is most definitely top priority.


Isabel said...

Oh my god, you have to get the ostrich ones. They are so bloody glamorous!

Anonymous said...

I find these all very interesting and unique items and I am 20 years old! I agree, the ostrich ones are great.


Brandon said...

Friday nights at Trader Joes is nightlife I thought?! I love the way your write Izz the final sentence is deliciously fun!

Brandon said...

and actually the price point for a pair of ostrich shoes is really good! At school we just went to an exotics supplier and they were selling ostrich skins for about $300!

Izzy said...

Haha thanks, Brandon. I try. And they're actually ostrich calf.

Brandon said...

OOOOH I should have realized that from the pricepoint lol. Well thats still a pretty good buy. Americans never understand ostrich which annoys me a little because I think its soooo much more luxe then croc skins.

Izzy said...

Ha I wouldn't say ostrich is so much more luxurious than crocodile, but that being said, I think crocodile has a tendency to be overrated. A huge part of that, I think, could be attributed to those inflated myths about Hermes crocodile birkins. I do wish to see more of the other exotics in menswear: python, lizard, and tastefully-done fur!

Unknown said...

Love all the specs choices. Not so sure about the footwear, though. Little too soft and curved for my liking.


modaUomo said...

Very interesting post! Compliments!!!

giancinephile said...

Great choices, Izzy!

Well, at least you have reason to act way oder than your time. I on the other hand seem to be resisting everything that's young and happening here in Manila! haha

Unknown said...

I adore the lizard ones. I always love it more when I find a great pair of men's shoes than women's. It seems more special that way.

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