Friday, October 8, 2010

Pockets of Pelt

I have found the coat I will be living in for the next few months of fall and I know just the reason why. The pockets are lined in rabbit fur, perfect for my (surprisingly soft!) hands hypersensitive to the cold.

(coat pockets lined in rabbit) I love this idea of hidden luxury.

The coat is softly tailored and creates a shape that is relaxed, yet still masculine. Assembly New York designer Greg Armas says he designed the collar to be narrow and soft so you could comfortably wear it up without it flopping about.

long black hidden snap-button cashmere coat by Assembly New York

A couple more delicate details:

The inside seams are covered with this fur-print fabric, which echoes the real thing that lines the pockets. The coat also features a singular hidden toggle button, affording you the choice to wear it partially open.

Yesterday, on my way out to grab a drink with a friend, I reached for this H&M wool topcoat that I used to wear a lot last fall. One sleeve in and I had to return the coat back to the rack, and instead put on the Assembly New York delight I had been wearing for the past few days. Never in my life has a piece of clothing felt so hoarse! I move that cashmere-and-fur coats come with a warning label.


H-S said...

wow you just bought a new coat???

herdi herdi
newbie :)

Manila said...

Awesome blog and great pictures! /

Anonymous said...
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Mat said...

flipping heck that is quite a coat, you lucky boy! a pretty penny i bet

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