Monday, October 18, 2010

The Lapel-less Blazer and the Hermès Scarf

Contrary to what you think I might say, one can have too many black blazers, and so when I set out to have another one made, I decided to change it up a bit. I wanted something that was structured, yet easy, and minimally detailed. Allow me to share my latest collaboration with my brilliant tailor, the lapel-less blazer:

I had the front made softly structured, partially double-breasted, and buttonless and all the pockets nixed save for the one breast pocket for stuffing in various pocket squares to subtly alter the look. This jacket has the makings of a possible favorite basic piece.

The idea may not be notably groundbreaking; a number of designers have done jackets without lapels in the past. However, the execution and detailing were my vision through and through. Here it is worn:

Number (N)ine sunglasses, tailor-made lapel-less blazer, Hermès scarf, Uniqlo cardigan, Cheap Monday trousers, ASOS shoes

Oh and as you can see, I bit the bullet and purchased my first Hermès scarf.

gratuitous orange box shot

It's a old-time print entitled "A Propos de Bottes", literally "About Boots", and depicts a collection of riding boots accented by top hats and braided whips made out of horsehair. The print is in cream and gray with hints of green; the narrow hand-stitched trim in bluish green gracefully brings everything together.

the Hermès 90 cm carrè in silk twill up close

A couple more detail shots:

man mary-janes from ASOS

permanent fixtures on my left wrist: cuffs by Number (N)ine and Giles and Brother

Second, third, seventh, and eighth photos by my darling friend Angelina. Take a stroll through her portfolio, she's really talented.


Andrew said...

omg this is so chic
I want a jacket without a lapel so badly! I found one thrifting ago but it just didn't look right. This one looks incredible on you!

Michael said...

Just brilliant. Excellent work sir.

Unknown said...

the jacket is awesome!!!!

good choice on the scarf! amazing print!

Pierre Hardy said...

Great style, i love it.

Forrest said...

I don't think I could pull off the lapel-less jacket, but it's excellent on you. Would you ever style it with a necktie?

Izzy said...

Forrest: Probably not. With that blazer, I like to keep it clean around the neckline. But I really wanted to wear that scarf that day ha ha

Pret a Porter P said...

Cool blazer. Also your custom bracelet works beautiful. I like the humor of it.

giancinephile said...

Nice to finally see your Hermes scarf! It's lovely!!!

I should try a lapel-less blazer some time too... haha

Shane B said...

The blazer reminds me of an Balenciaga piece form SS 2010~~ Nice touch

Matthew Spade said...

this would look horrid on me. the boy done good. what a tailor you have!

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