Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sumptuous Shoes and Happy Clothes

For Spring 2011, Alejandro Ingelmo, the Cuban designer known for his sky-high sexual stilettos and metallic-emblazoned men's high-tops, offers up a handful of more "tailored" options for men this next season, much to my delight. My favorites:

sumptuous cream-soled distressed suede boots that could go well from spring into fall

and a contender for the perfect substantial (as opposed to slim) lace-up brogue

a close-up of Ingelmo's signature silver sole detail

Working the presentation at the Ingelmo boutique, my friend Brandon, decked in bright yellow and sheer paneled hosiery, is one of the few remaining people who lead me to believe that my relationship with color might still have some hope.

Raf Simons sweater, Rag and Bone shorts, leggings from a boutique in Hong Kong, Alejandro Ingelmo shoes

sheer-paneled tights and Alejandro Ingelmo sample high-top sneakers

He once told me that he only wears things that look like they've been made with a sense of joy, and that got me thinking: I look for pieces that are made with a sense of design, that are fabricated with a certain level of craftsmanship, and to a certain extent, a sense of luxury, but do I necessarily look for things made by happy people? Do you?


Mat said...

made with joy, yeah i'm all for that. i wouldn't say i wear things for other people but if i can make someone smile along the way then that makes me happy.

excellent brogues, seen a lot of the chunkier styles around of late.

Anonymous said...

Ok I really love your blog, but that guy in yellow is just bleh. Were is 'the man'? Thank you for posting about greg armas and the drapery cloting, thats just so wow. The Romans were right from the start..
Drapery clothing and beards are cool and sophisticated/

Alex Ingram said...

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and on twitter @ tuxandtie

Anonymous said...

i only click with things that feel human, designs that have a tell, a hint of the person who designed it, a wink from a seam or button or angle, only detected if you're looking for it or are sensitive to it. most mass-produced clothing feels dead to me. if there is humor, it usually feels manipulated some how, less genuine. i do try to buy things that are made by people who hopefully got a fair wage in exchange for their work. you can never be sure if this is the case, but there are some instances (tags) where you can be somewhat safe in assuming it is not the case. and then i steer clear.




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