Friday, September 17, 2010

Rad Robert, Great Geller

One of the most poignantly honest declarations at Fashion Week is the audience's applause after a fashion show, and judging from the exuberant clapping after Robert Geller presented his Spring 2011 collection, he must've done something right. Geller is one of the few NYC designers who manage to capture that New York downtown cool without being staid and predictable; he doesn't break the mold, but he deftly etches his unique point-of-view.

the opening look at Robert Geller Spring/Summer 2011

The inspiration for this collection was youth in the 60's and 70's, particularly the Berlin student movement that challenged their authoritarian government. The notions of rebellion, of youth, of creativity and passion were expertly translated into clothing:

army greens and desert green khakis were a reference to militarism,

while the pops of red (a color the designer has never used before) signify the courage and passion of these youth leaders.

The styling at Robert Geller's shows is always on point, and in this show, the belts really stood out for me:

The bow belts look like a sufficiently doable DIY project, they're like bow ties for the waist!

And this camel leather cummerbund would look just as good with this double-denim ensemble as it would with a rebellious black-tie outfit.

I need these monkstrap shoes by Common Projects:

single in leather

double in suede

A few of my own snapshots from the show:

pre-show rush

the view from my seat

and my seat mate, the lovely Keiko Lynn of her self-titled blog

Fashion is a highly fragmented and cluttered medium; though I hold the utmost respect for everyone with the gumption to put themselves out there and create, creative minds whose work elicit a spark or a reaction in me are one in a million. Robert, you are rad.

all photos (save for the last three) from LaForce-Stevens


Anonymous said...

i really love him. i bought a (men's) blazer by him last year. too big but too good not to own. he really stands out from the crowd for me.

love the double in suede!

Pal Zileri Concept said...

Really love that coat in the 2nd photo...

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