Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fish and Fur

Portland-based wallet company DB clay makes affordable coated-canvas wallets covered in prints that range from chic to esoteric. So when British online store Equip had me take my pick of their accessories for review, I went for the winsomely weird:

The wallet is light, sturdy, and has more than enough compartments, though I would have wanted it to have a coin pocket (my personal quirk) and that I hope to see from DB Clay soon.

What intrigued me about the piece, though, is the photograph printed on it, which shows a flat, coarse rodent fur being stared at by a stuffed, neon green, white-walled and wood-mounted fish. Apparently this photo was taken by the wallet-maker's mentor Steve Steckly at a taxidermy shop in South East Portland that sold antler lights as well. The print is almost abstract from afar, but does make quite the conversation piece when examined up close.

If stuffed scaly creatures and rodent pelts aren't your idea of images to cover your cash, there's the "Lace" wallet and the "Stampage" wallet, both more understated, handsome picks from the same maker.


Snappylifestyle said...

It's always nice to whip out some type of must have accessory and it be a conversation piece. Looks like I might have to pick one of these up. Another good reason to visit some friends in Portland it seems. West Coast here I come.
snappy x

Matthew Spade said...

izzy i love it. how unusual. really want one now!

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