Thursday, July 8, 2010

I wish for lizard

I'm blogging about this in the sincerest hopes that the stars align in my favor and this beauty below lands on my wrist, eventually.

Hermes Kelly Dog cuff in ombre lizard and gold hardware

From past experience, when I do blog about something I really really want, it usually comes to me, albeit two years late. The Hermes Kelly Dog bracelet is the ubiquitous Collier de Chien's quieter cousin, and in the gray ombre lizard + gold hardware, it's neutral yet it exudes a lot of character.

I walked out of Hermes, mesmerized by the ringlets on the skin.

Photos above taken with an iPhone camera and livened up with a bit of iPhoto. Not bad eh?

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Gon said...

I like it! I always loved Hermes bracelets. They're so simple yet so chic and so so right!
Nice pic!


Gian Cruz said...

Which reminds me how the other day I was wanting a scarf from Hermes but sadly the selection here in Manila is hardly any good! haha

And I've been much too fascinated with Veronique Nichanian's work for Hermes! Hello to grown-up taste! haha
It couldn't be bad... it only means I'm growing up and getting older! haha

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

love your style! and i especially love how you DIY-ed those washers and coins on your collar....whoaw!!!

definitely following...

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

kashmirstorz said...

Hermes products are always stylish and unique, even their scarves are fascination

Philip Acharon Lapinid IV said...

I love everything in your blog. from your outfit posts to your DIYs. so rad. following you.

Fashion Toy Gun

Anonymous said...


How much was it retailing for? And which hermes store did you find it at?? :)

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