Monday, July 26, 2010

(Capsule) Part II: Drapery, Diaphany, and more

So there isn't such a word as "diaphany" but please afford me the poetic license, "diaphanousness" is not a word graceful enough to describe the beauties that caught my eye and (at least temporarily) steered my aesthetic towards the soft and the sheer and the flowy head-on.

NYC-based Rochambeau takes the concept of of drapery to another level with interesting shapes and unusual fabrics.

Who would have thought an odd-fitting jacket in peach, of all colors, could look this interesting?

The same jacket in black. I believe that one could never have too many black "easy" jackets.

gold threads accentuate this jacket with an attached scarf

orange layered t-shirt in recycled mesh

(close-up) All these sumptuous hues might convert me back into a color-wearer!

slouchy shorts in gold lame

Blogosphere sensation Stolen Girlfriends Club offers pieces that would appeal to both the surf/skate/rock crowd (pardon me for lumping you guys up all together, but you know what I mean) and the experimental, Fashion set.

short-sleeved shirts with sheer organza sleeves and shoulder panels in black

and in white

slouchy double-shorts

unisex jewelry

And lastly, Assembly New York, my newest favoritest shop in New York City, showed quite a formidable new collection. My favorite would have to be their take on the classic trench coat, done in two layers of shirting fabric, with a softer, more drapey cut and minimal detailing.

The designer himself, Greg Armas, was kind enough to model the Assembly New York trench for us.

One of the magical things about living in New York would have to be the access you get to sample sales and the treasures you unearth in these fleeting events. I got my fill of my obsession du jour Assembly at the very recent Assembly New York sample sale. Among the loot are an extremely photogenic salt-and-pepper tweed jacket, and the long black cashmere coat I will be living in this fall/early winter. Photos to come!


Gon said...

Seriously Iz, «thanks for sharing, the bunch i can see myself wearing the first two jacket, but the peach one in special and also the organza shirts! :D

Dimogonda blog

Andrew said...

holy shit, I don't think I can handle those draped jackets. Unbelievable

I love the sheer dress shirts, too. I was lucky enough to find one at goodwill last week but still not sure how I want to wear it.

I V Y said...

i'm loving the peach!

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