Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Organic and the Anatomical

The Organic. Paris Kain of Abraxas Rex is the master of organic shapes. His choice of materials and his ingenious techniques make his jewelry pieces anything but cliche-tribal and distastefully gnarly. (I highly encourage you to click on those two previous links.) I learned about the line through my friend John, and I must say, Abraxas Rex is one to look out for in terms of fresh, revolutionary ideas in jewelry design.

Kain's platinumsilver and Herkimer diamond ring looks like a dinosaur chewed up the Krupp diamond like a piece of gum and spit out this malformed beauty.

This very interestingly set Herkimer diamond necklace (notice the tentacles of metal going around and through the stone) would look fantastic worn outside shirt buttoned up to the collar.

Kain's mastery with organic forms spills over into clothing and textile design, with this exquisite silk kimono:

which I'd be delighted to wear, sans red sash, as a dinner jacket: over a smart white shirt and tuxedo pants.

The Anatomical. Now, on to more affordable pursuits. Ever since my foray into pins by way of Husam El-Odeh for Topman, I have adopted brooches as a wardrobe staple, making my rather plain jackets a little more interesting, and doubling as invaluable conversation-starters. Brooklyn-based Old Hollywood has come up with a line of brooches (and ring and earrings) made out of vintage prints overlaid by an acrylic cabochon and set in antique brass that are currently tickling my fancy.

The "If I Only Had a Heart" brooch makes for a dandy lapel adornment, and is as close to wearing a heart on my sleeve as I'm going to get. I love how the thick clear overlay makes the heart look almost three-dimensional.

Check out more of Old Hollywood's beguiling baubles on their site,

including this bee brooch that I am highly tempted to chuck into my shopping bag together with that heart pin.

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