Wednesday, June 16, 2010


These images represent the sensibilities that have been inspiring my style for the past couple of weeks, perhaps singlehandedly driven by my purchase of those Victoria kung-fu shoes. I feel like Asians living in Western countries try so hard to dress to assimilate into Western culture that to step out in a look that is so characteristically Asian would be strikingly refreshing.

photos via The Sartorialist

Flowy fabrics, loose bottoms, bold geometric prints, the kimono silhouette of a belted waist, shawl collar, roomy round shoulders that flow into wide sleeves, super-flat shoes, robes as jackets.

On that note, as I type this blog entry, I wait at the gate about to embark on a 21-hour air trek to Asia, to vacation in my hometown of Manila for a couple of weeks. I wouldn't mind having one of these in XXL as an Oriental-luxe plane cover-up:

Shanghai Tang reversible Chinese jacket in black and lime

I dread air travel, and I despise flying economy. Here's hoping my drop-crotch jersey pants keep me comfy and my robot keychain keeps me entertained for 20+ hours in the air.


Mat said...

happy holidays then!

thanks for the feedback on the painting, really helps to hear what people thing. annnd yes please do some kind of diy! you are the expert. i can see it on a bit of a white shirt a la dandy

Alex Ingram said...

This style is so beautiful!
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BJ Pascual said...

You made a good point there, that we Asians (and not just the ones living in western countries) always try to imitate western culture. i wonder what the world would look like if it were the other way around? FUN!!!

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