Friday, June 11, 2010

Bleached Blank

glove-print polo by Bleach Catastrophe

For most fellows, summer signals a time to break into color: pastel polos, sherbet-hued shorts, neon trainers. But I don't really think color works for me (save for the occasional burst of primary hues) and so I seize summertime as a chance to don all white, the reverse of my inky wintertime staple. For me, wearing this non-color from head to toe evokes a sort of colonial cool; I can imagine the iconic haciendero or feudal landlord paying a visit to his pineapple farm in the tropics looking strikingly bright in his spotless white getup whilst discussing matters of the ranch with his soiled-clothed subjects.

Ray-Ban aviators, Bleach Catastrophe polo, various jewelry from Margiela and from markets in Amsterdam and Barcelona, H&M jeans, Zara shoes

All white isn't all that hard to pull off. Having patterns on the top works to soften the head-to-toe blankness, and I found that beige shoes or belts marry well with the white without sticking out too much. And unlike the feudal landlord from the 1800s, don't be afraid to get your trousers a little grimey---I think it adds character!

On that note of sticking out in all white, allow me to present Bleach Catastrophe: a Filipino label that, I think, stands out from the pack. Bleach Catastrophe evolved from being a t-shirt focused garment factory into a trove of artistic, interesting pieces. The name was created when the owners were playing this word game "The Exquisite Corpse", a game wherein surrealist painters and 1920's literaries would combine random words to form irrational phrases, and then interpret that phrase into an art piece. The owners finally came up with "Bleach Catastrophe", which reminded them of the experience of having one's favorite t-shirt accidentally stained with bleaching detergents. (via Bleach Catastrophe)

Their pieces range from the clever and wearable,

button-down shirt with jacket-lapel detailing, t-shirt with smudged hem

to the esoteric and mildly disturbing.

t-shirt with centipedes and a bloody growth, short-sleeved shirt with hair print

Goodbye for now as I retreat to the comforts of my summer palace...

(at the Spanish village, Barcelona)

photos not of me via Bleach Catastrophe


chadner said...

Bleach Catastrophe is probably my favorite Philippine labels. I always make a point to visit one of their locations when I'm in the country. I actually have that pink shirt with the black strap thing.

I'm glad you decided to write about this label.

Mat said...

ah that label seems really creating and not taking itself too serious.

love the hairy shirt. you always pull off the full white look really well, the colour does not seem to suit me to be honest. really like your suede shoes too, driving shoes perhaps?

stylestalker said...

I really want this blog book! ordering as we speak!!!

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