Monday, June 14, 2010

The Giddy Blogger

The relationship between bloggers and print media is entertaining to say the least. It's almost like blogging is print's 18-year-old child: blogging, young and creative, seeks to conquer the world on its own, while print is wary of the rapid pace by which blogging is achieving its considerable success. They lambast each other like a dysfunctional family, eager to point out each other's shortcomings. But, that being said, nothing pats a blogger's back as tenderly as recognition by traditional media. I get giddy at the slightest mention of The Dandy Project in a legitimate publication. Having a feature in the papers or in a major magazine feels as if the parent you so sought to defy takes you back in her arms and gives you the approval you've craved for for years. Here are a couple of things that have been getting me feeling giddy and grateful for the past few days.

The first book (at least the first that I know of) on fashion blogs is out, and I am very honored to be a part of it.

Fashion Blogs: the book

In their groundbreaking work, Kirstin Hanssen and Felicia Nitzsche explore the phenomenon of fashion blogging: the people behind them, their motives for blogging, how it changed their life, and how they view the future of print media. The book is divided into five categories: fashion journalism, street style photography, party photography, personal style blogs, men’s style. The book features 34 of the pioneers in fashion blogging; included are: Style Bubble, Garance Doré, A Shaded View On Fashion, Glamcanyon, Sea of Shoes, Stil in Berlin, Abdul Lagerfield, Street Etiquette, Les Mads, The Streethearts, Pretend It Never Happened, Moderniteter, Kate Loves Me, The Dandy Project and many more. 
(via Fashion Blogs)

a peek inside: Susie Bubble, who was a fashion blogger long before the words "fashion" or "blogger" were ever in my vocabulary

Order/pre-order the book on US Amazon, UK Amazon, or d'jonge Hond (Netherlands).

I have also been working on a piece with the Philippines' Preview Magazine, one of the very, very few magazines in my country that do fashion with a capital "F" and do it right, and it's out in the current issue.

the June 2010 cover that was an ode to McQueen (customized sneakers, that's me!)

It was a simple DIY on how to turn a pair of regular white plimsolls into something more black-tie, and though I had to jam the entire DIY process (of planning, sourcing the materials, doing the actual DIY project and photo-documenting it, and finally, writing the article) into exams week, it was a really fun experience.

Find my article in the special section called Preview Men. I really hope this materializes into an actual magazine; there really isn't any men's magazine of this kind in the Phillipine market now.

Daryl, Andre, Vince, Eloise, and everyone at Preview, thanks very very much!


The Velvet Scientist said...

Well done you! X

Matthew Spade said...

got it on pre-order. excellent for you dude!

Isabel said...

This is intense! Mega congrats.

Anonymous said...


kudos to you for not denying your Pinoy roots. i esp love the fact that you also incorporate pinoy culture in your projects (the "anting-anting" accessories in particular). i just hope you'll post more Pinoy influences in your projects and inspire more pinoys to really inject our own fashion sense than get western/foreign influences (it's just sad that we always look up somewhere when we always have more than enough to get inspired with). what's more ridiculous is that local fashion models are mostly foreigners, it goes without saying are they only the ones who look good? no wonder we still have this colonial mentally within us. it's really about time that we should be proud about our pinoy identity.

more power!

-pinoy artist/designer

Izzy said...

tvs, isabel: why thank you!

Mat: let me know how it is, you might receive yours even before I get my free copy! you know how it is receiving mail from across the Atlantic these days..

pinoy artist/designer: thanks for your kind words. I do strive to have a look that is international; with everything nowadays going global, I think we all are citizens of the world! I do try to stay true to my Filipino roots though, I think it's something that can easily set me apart. I'm all for supporting Pinoy talent: from the budding young designers to the tried and tested tailors! I just hope the public would show them enough support for them to be able to flourish creatively.

stylestalker said...

Congrats on the feauture!

We must get a hold of that book!


BJ Pascual said...


Ohh that editorial i showed you with that model i was talking about is in that issue of Preview! That issue is pretty epic :)

The response to preview men has been great! I think vince did a great job with it! I'm sensing it'll be a standalone magazine in the near future!

Anonymous said...

Phillipina magazine with no phillipinos in it, as much as i admire the design it pisses me off when i see non western publications Putting white models over their own nationals, HERE IN THEWEST WE'RE STILL TRYING TO GET THE LIKES OF vOGUE AND eLLE TO BE MORE EQUAL AND WE HAVE A PHILLIPINO MAGAZINE STILL CONFIRMING THE ODE THAT WHITE EQUALS TRUE BEAUTY

Apologies about my rant, but fashions issue on race is someting taht pisses me off and why fashion never really gets my respect sometimes and for taht reason preview just ends up looking like yet another western fashion publication, why not give us a taste of philiipino culture if not through clothes then through the model at least

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