Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Slashed and Frayed

Ever the repository for easy-as-peas DIY projects, The Dandy Project presents you with another wardrobe-updating technique so easy, I won't even put up step-by-step photos lest I insult your intelligence. There's really just two steps to slash-hemming a pair of trousers: 1) Cut pants to desired length, 2) Throw it in the washer a couple of times to make the frayed ends soften. I also like to manually stretch out the hems to make the frayed edges curl up a bit and even slightly rip the side seams.

shredded white Levi's jeans cut into shorts

I've been wearing these next two pairs of pants nonstop for the past few days. They were too long and the fabric was too heavy for them to look good rolled-up, yet they weren't slim enough to look good stacked. So I took to them with scissors, and cut them just above the ankles.

American Apparel corduroys

American Apparel acid wash jeans

I like to think of them as not-quite Thom Browne-eque flood-length pants infused with the casual nonchalance of cutoff shorts.

slash-hemmed American Apparel acid wash jeans, Bottega Veneta mocassins


Taj said...

I've been looking for a nice pair of acid washed jeans. I should've known to look to AA:)!!!
<3 the DIY!!

The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

Those mocs are so adorable! They go perfectly with the acid wash. Fun read!


elizar33 said...

the levi's cutoffs look very nice!

Men's Clothing said...

Love the acid wash jeans

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