Monday, May 3, 2010

The Dandy Project Style Staples: The Power Ring

A power suit says that the wearer is confident, strong-willed, and ready to take on business challenges. A power ring, on the other hand, says that the person wearing it is bold and kooky enough to wear a ring so ridiculously large that it appears as if it might hold magical powers within.

These two have become night-out staples for the fingers on my left hand: rhinestone studded two-finger ring bought online, faux emerald pinky ring from Dorothy's Costume Boutique.

My love affair with enormous finger adornments all started with this mother-of-pearl and plastic ring I got a while back:

ring from Anthology in Manila

When you start to accumulate three, four, five, of the same item and constantly find yourself slipping one on before heading out the door, then you know it's your new style staple. Here's one in faux smoky quartz that I have yet to purchase:

ring from Club Monaco

Though terribly uncomfortable, I wear this colorful vintage "plate" ring when I want to evoke the blindingly yellow South American summer day feel of a Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel:

vintage ring from Tokyo

There's three things I like: 1) picking my nose, 2) large rings made out of un-precious stones, 3) doing #1 while wearing #2.


elizar33 said...

love the quartz ring from club monaco...

AlexanderCook said...

you get some really fashionable different things i dig your style so much keep it up!

Kay | tickets and poster printing said...

I love to try wear a big ring like those, because I think that it will easily spice up an outfit. I can pair it with just a plain tee and a pair of jeans and I'm good to go.

Anonymous said...

Follow. comment.

Hope you enjoy it wit fierce & love from Lee.

expresswhatyoufeel said...

those rings was pretty cool..:)nice blog btw said...

awesome rings..:)

marriott said...

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