Saturday, May 22, 2010


Amster-damn, Ams-turd-damn, Amsterdumb (I kid, the city is fabulous!). I'm out of puns for Amsterdam. Here's a photo diary of my four days there:

things illegal elsewhere legal here

double-fried fries with spicy mayonnaise

with my sister and her overpriced leather paper bag

The garbage collectors' strike left heaps and heaps of garbage all around the city. This particular mound was made pretty by graffiti cardboard posters.

at the flower market: black tulip bulbs for the goth green thumb

old records and books at the book market in Dam Square

sea bream with risotto

horsies at the Heineken Brewery

Amsterdam was much chillier than I expected, so my outfits consisted mainly of black sweater upon black jacket upon black coat. Pleasantly minimalist or pretty unremarkable, I still can't decide.

at Cafe Schiller in the Rembrandtplein, as recommended by Susie G (Ray-Ban aviators, Rag & Bone car coat, Club Monaco cashmere, Cheap Monday jeans, Tod's driving shoes)


Taj said...

I want those black tulips and those fries like NAO!!!lol:)

Isabel said...

Ahh, it looks lovely! I want to travel.

Ashley said...

Oh gosh I so do miss the chips with mayo from Amsterdam and about cravings honey!

Mat said...

i'm 90% sure where you're standing, black lantans behind you, is where i stayed a few years ago. was horrible actually but €10 per night. meh

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