Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dandy Goes Randy

Sometimes a DIY project comes out so delightful, it warrants a sequel. You might recall the "feel me up" shirt I did a few months back inspired by Alexander McQueen's Spring 2010 collection:

left: a look from Alexander McQueen Spring 2010, right: the DIY shirt that remains one of my favorite pieces of clothing

For my second homemade shirt inspired by that collection, I decided to go with a joke my friend made upon seeing the above shirt (that I "should have placed hand prints on the a**") and yes, I made a shirt with hand prints that look as if someone with a paint-covered hand was grabbing my behind. In this new year 2010, The Dandy Project goes randy.

The base was a black Zara shirt I got on sale---oversize, as I think the more eccentric styling works better with a relaxed silhouette.

For the print, I used Jacquard Neopaque light body opaque acrylic paint in white. It was opaque enough to be striking against the black, yet not too thick as to come out stiff on the rather light fabric. It also holds well after repeated machine washing.

While wearing the shirt, I had a friend mark with tape where exactly I would want the derriere-grabbing print (thanks Sarah!). Then I laid the shirt flat on a lined surface and carefully stamped my paint-covered hand exactly where I wanted the print to be. After which, I helped the print heat-set with a hairdryer.

When the central handprint was set, I went on to add the violent smears and smudges. It helped that I was in character as the artist-ghost feeling me up from behind!

Here it is worn:

DIY shirt, DIY-customized chicken feather necklace, Casio watch, H&M jeans, Margiela nail ring, custom-made boots

I wore it to a raunchy-themed party with friends from Manila and this was my covered-up, subversive interpretation of the theme.

with Michelle of Chic Clinic

Michelle, this picture is going to be famous.


EJ said...

Admired this shirt when I saw it in the style diary you did for us... I really do need to get my DIY on very soon!

AlexanderCook said...

your a big inspiration on me and your always dressed really different which is dope nice blog :)

Pascal Grob said...

still following your blog with excitement and i absolutely love this black DIY on!

Isabel said...

Oh Izzy, your style and sense of humour always entertain me. :)

lucinda said...

Your blog is so much fun! I might skip the hands but I loved your splattered scarf.

Mig said...

Hi the Dandy Project!
Just found out that you were following me on
(Fashion-Forward Dude) here. Thanks!

BTW bro I love your remake of the shirt, it is so flipping creative! haha

Well follow me at:

Hapsical said...

YES, so good!

Arushi Khosla (FabBlab) said...

The second shirt is so freakin perfect, I nearly jumped. And is that a feather around your neck...?


You just keep getting cooler!

D said...

Cool project!

I was going through some fashion blogs when I came across this embedded on Bryanboy's site. Really interesting project:

oh lady e said...

Love it! Your hair is looking fantastic, as well!

Villedela said...

So glad I found another Filipino fashion blogger! Love your posts!

Shay said...

that is so awesome! I did paint splattered pants inspired by McQueen's spring collection too. May have to try this...

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