Tuesday, January 12, 2010


A lot of entries on this blog have mostly been about pieces that I customize by way of DIY projects or design from scratch. I find such joy in bringing out my craziness through personalization. That is why when I learned about e-store Blank Label from their web strategist Danny Wong, I thought their fresh concept of co-created dress shirts would be a great fit for The Dandy Project.

The half-and-half shirt by Blank Label. I have coveted a few in the past, and this one seems to be a feasibly wearable option.

back detail

Blank Label is an online store that allows you, the customer, to exercise your creativity through co-created dress shirts. Co-created shirts are much like custom shirts, only, you customize within a given set of options, and the experience is more streamlined. I could go on and on about the mechanics of Blank Label, but I think it's best that you check out their website and see for yourself how delightfully easy it is.

I'm a huge fan of the covered placket, which so easily makes a shirt look modern and minimalist, try it out under the "placket" portion of the "style" section.

Having just recently launched October 31, 2009, Blank Label describes itself as the intersection of fashion, technology, and the world wide web. Prices start at $45 for a shirt. Not bad, I say!

The mandarin-collar shirt, a style staple of mine, updated with a covered placket.

EDIT: The Dandy Project readers get 10% off of their order, just enter this promotional code*:


*offer valid until January 31, 2010 only

Blank Label


Chip said...

What a cool idea, but don't know if I would wear one myself.

AlexanderCook said...

this is casual but really different i dig this

Noelle Chantal said...

i love the half-and-half shirt. i can totally see you wear something like that.

great picks as usual :)

Bobbin Talk said...

A bit Dude-ish but great customization options! Great post!

Indie Mom and the Reluctant Banker said...

Interesting concept, i'm interested in seeing the quality; I just might try ordering one

pashmina said...

Are those popper buttons? There's just something about tying a proper button that I wouldn't change.

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