Monday, January 4, 2010

Current Obsession: Margiela Nail Ring

For something so much smaller than my other rings, this one isn't any less noticeable.

Martin Margiela nail ring

The fact that it appears to be fashioned out of a mundane object and the subtle element of danger suggested by the pointed tip (which, thankfully, is dulled) make it such a conversation piece.

I blogged about not getting this ring at Selfrige's April of last year only to spend eight months almost hopelessly searching for it. Luckily, last Thanksgiving weekend, I stumbled upon possibly the last of these in retail at IF Boutique in Soho, my latest favorite shop in New York City.

Though I might maintain that the best gifts come in orange or red and gold boxes,

I still think the coolest accessories come in white boxes with numbers on them.


Mat said...

so cool, i would have loved that too

Isabel said...

That is great! Makes me wish I was handy with a blow torch so I could fashion my own cheap version.

AlexanderCook said...

this is fat!! i jus thought should i got take a hammer and try to bend a nail into a ring haha

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