Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Live(stock) Repair

Sometimes a DIY project isn't just an enhancement on a current piece, an unfortunate event such as damage or loss of a part of the piece can necessitate a do-it-yourself repair job. Case-in-point: my Ann Demeulemeester-esque Topman feather necklace and I were inseparable for nearly two weeks until an incident involving mixed drinks and a zip-up parka damaged the necklace beyond wearability.

Topman feather necklace. My coat zipper ate the feather up and frayed it way too much for it to be charming.

Devoid of the incredibly complete art supplies store I go to in Boston, I had to be a little more creative in sourcing for materials. Fast forward to Christmas day, when I found out we were slaughtering two hens for dinner. (You have got to love the Philippines and our affinity for food with eyes and feet... and feathers.) A bulb went off in my head.

So I picked the hen with the prettier feathers

and cut off a few of her plumes to replace my frayed one. I did ask nicely before snipping away!

I took an assortment of feathers so that I have a few replacements should the one I use get damaged again. I chose the white one, but I have my eyes set on the brown, black, and white dappled one for next time.

I shaved off the end of my chosen feather with a knife to make it fit into the pendant clamp. After a few minutes of fumbling with pliers and miscellaneous implements to pry the pendant open, I finally got the new feather in.

So here is my necklace now, which has literally taken on a new life with a white feather against the silver chain fringe.

While the rest of the blogosphere DIY's their duds with studs, The Dandy Project personalizes with poultry.


Anonymous said...

Nice one! Though I feel sorry for the poor bird :(

Pret a Porter P said...

now i think it's much improved, now the necklace comes with its own personal story. not everyone can say they know the bird their feather came from! i hope he tasted delicious LOL!

Mike Son said...

if someone asks where you got the necklace, you can say, "oh, it came from my family's dinner!"

this post is hilarious! :D

Matthew Spade said...

you are quite the wizz

Andrew said...

lol that is so intense

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