Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Dandy Project x Meltin' Pot

Italian denim company Meltin' Pot had approached me to collaborate with them and style my favorite pieces out of their fall collection into three looks that I will share with you today. Shooting it was a lot of fun, and a little painful too, I must admit, prancing around the city mid-December jacket-less, and sometimes pants-less as well, but the clothes were Milanese as they come---form-fitting, without a whisper of vanity sizing, and I, ever the diligent blogger-collaborator, wanted to showcase this best I can. Here are the looks, aptly titled for easier comprehension.

The Rodeo Dandy
(Meltin' Pot denim shirt and jeans, Number Nine shoes, vintage cuff, native American watch band on Casio watch)
I wanted to lend an air of dandiness to the rugged double-denim look by slicking my hair back clean, stuffing a pocket square into the shirt pocket, and accessorizing with bold native American jewelry.

a cock-print Eton of Sweden silk pocket square in the pocket of the denim shirt

my Navajo-customized Casio with turquoise and coral

The Seaside Sweater
(Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses, Meltin' Pot navy sweater, vintage DIY cutoff shorts, Gucci shoes)
This chunky navy Meltin' Pot sweater reminded me of country clubs and yachts and the seaside. I paired it with my own vintage white cutoff shorts and classic Gucci loafers.

adorned with a vintage gold tie clip from my mother

a nod to the Italians: Gucci horsebit loafers in green suede and red webbing

The Urban Huntsman
(Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses, vintage cashmere scarf, Thom Browne cardigan, Meltin' Pot olive green pants, vintage Florsheim shoes)
I loved the fabric and fit on these Meltin' Pot olive green pants, and the color reminded me of an urban huntsman. On a stroll around New York City's Central Park, I wore it with a plaid cardigan and a thick Scottish cashmere scarf.

the mix: a plaid cardigan and a cable-knit scarf all under a vintage camel coat with a pin from Old Hollywood and a lapel flower by Hook+Albert

Italy and America

photographs by Mikee Tuason
clothing c/o Meltin' Pot
Meltin' Pot on Facebook


Chad said...

looking great! I love the olive green pants.

Matthew Spade said...

this is top chap, never heard of them but they seem to have some really nice ideas. nothing out of the ordinary but it doesn't need to be for this sort of thing does it. my fav look is the first actually, because it's so different for you. the denim looks real quality

Andrew said...

this is amazing!!!!
espeically the first look, goddamn

franny said...

love the first look!! x

Anonymous said...

Do you know you dress in a way that has nothing to do with you? Ditch the Gucci loafers and Thom Browne which you no doubt fished out of some -80% sale and stop pretending.

Izzy said...

Anonymous: No I don't. The way I dress has everything to do with me; it is my form of self-expression. And you don't know me, or maybe you do, but not as well as I know myself. Good call on the Thom Browne and Gucci; yes, they were on sale, and I'm quite proud of that.

Unknown said...

the casio is just amazing !!!


Anonymous said...

That Thom Browne cardigan looks amazing on you!! I went to the FW12 show at PFW and was particularly blown away by the mohair versions too

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