Monday, January 2, 2012

Black and Gold

lion-man coat of arms pin, cameo and wreath ring, and black rose stick pin, all vintage

In my younger years, I'd often shun the combination of black and gold; in my mind it was gaudy, and my princely pipe dreams had not yet manifested. There is a warmth and opulence to the marriage of the two colors, and in tiny touches, fine or faux---say, a pin on a plain suit, or a ring with thermals and jeans---they make daily wear that much more debonair.


Sean said...

LOVE that ring!

VICTOR GO. said...

love the black and gold combination. i use it to a fault! LOVE your blog and especially your DIY projects.

P.C.Progeny said...

A pin on a suit is a subtle way to really show personal style.

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