Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fresh Accessories

An oldie but goodie, this editorial styled by Nicola Formichetti for the very first issue of Vogue Hommes Japan has always been an inspiration for the way I dress. People underestimate the natural beauty that fresh flowers add to an outfit, and they add a touch of lightness and humor to fall's dark threads. Best of all, flowers are cheap, and when snipped stealthily, they are free.

A yellow rose pinned on to a jacket lapel dresses up a look unlike any tie or pocket square can.

Perhaps it's worth reconsidering (smaller) flowers on men's hats?

I'm not one to post editorial after editorial on this blog, but when one still proves relevant more than three years after coming out, it sure is worth revisiting.

photographs via Nicola Formichetti


David Toms said...

I remember seeing this at the time and thinking how fabulous it was!

Maya said...

one of them's looking very byron-esque!

Nice quality of colour, and I love flowers =)

Men's Accessories said...

Love this Izzy! Hope your well and I may have to invest in this.

Paul. M

Esteban Diaz Medina said...

Love Nicola Formichetti! He's so talented and really awesome! I got the pleasure to work with him when I was asked to assist with the styling for Lady Gaga's Telephone music video. If you love editorial and high fashion check the book I'm co-author of about the trials and tribulations of those who make photos like these possible. Check it out!


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