Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sequel to the Ring

I almost never leave home without my rose gold signet ring with brown diamonds, so I decided to make pavé diamond pinky rings my style signature. I think signet pinky rings are unobtrusively comfortable, classically masculine, and are the perfect little vehicle for daytime diamonds. Here's the new one I had co-designed with Jane Sy and Yen Guevara of Lanero Fine Jewelry in Manila:

The white diamonds on blackened yellow gold make for a bolder, high-contrast statement, as opposed to the brown diamonds on rose gold which is more tone-on-tone.

Alas, my hyper-acidic sweat so quickly stripped off the black plating, as you can see the gold peeking through the side of the ring in this photograph, and I will have to bid farewell to the ring for about a month as it gets re-plated in Hong Kong.

at breakfast, with Earl Grey crème tea and a gray nail

Look at the stones, huddled like tiny moons on a dark winter's night.

See the ring in progress here.

photographs by Nikki Tuason


Mat said...

yikes, that's a nice one

UltraKebab said...

The ring looks incredibly beautiful. Great work!

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