Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekend in New England

Portland General Store is a line of men's personal care products made from sea- and forest-derived ingredients all custom-mixed in Maine. They had sent over a box of vials of what they call their "handsomely addictive" colognes, which came with quite an interesting and beautifully-photographed lookbook that embodies the feel of their goods, a bunch of shots of which I will share with you now. The scents all had that old-world classy charm of New England: the mini-cities and sprawling suburbs of Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and everywhere in between. I poured a vial in the tub one bad day, and for a moment, I was back in Boston---with all the bricks, and the red leaves, and the warm soaks with cold wind outside, and I was at peace.

shaving soaps in whiskey and alpine

If I could find a vintage doctor's bag that said Boston University...

New England, I will see you again soon.

clothing provided by David Wood Clothiers and Bliss


Matthew Spade said...

ohhh i can almost smell the stuff. i've been wanting a proper brush for ages now, i've got some cream but it needs a decent brush. the fella looks like the guy from twilight, which is unnerving


wow, great pics! inspiring!


Imedio and The Silent Kid. said...

Wow! I love the Doctor's bag!

I follow you.

Vani said...

Very cool photos!


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