Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Prince of Thrift

Very few wear vintage head-to-toe with the same refinement and creativity as my friend Yo Miyamoto. Yo is a freelance journalist and blogger and takes pride in his multi-tinted and multi-textured Salvation Army looks that cost him next to nothing. If I only had the diligence to regularly scour through racks of second-hand clothing, and the courage to wear more color, my life would be more moneyed and more joyfully-hued.

vintage coat, sweater, and shirt, Comme des Garcons drop-crotch trousers, vintage Premiata shoes

Yo's favorite date spot in NYC is a wine bar called The Immigrant in the East Village, and the last song he downloaded was Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence by Ryuichi Sakamoto.

texture and pattern play: a bleached denim coat, a crinkled polyester sweater, and a lace-print shirt

an odd assortment of vintage rings, all in silver

an ornate vintage brass cuff

Henrik Vibskov socks and clowny-cool vintage Premiata shoes

blue, crinkled, and Miyake-esque

Many of Yo's thrifted pieces are women's, but I commend him for the masculinity with which he puts everything together.

just like Omotesando

Yo was recently photographed by Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist in a post entitled "Advanced Style". See the post here.

Yo's street style blog Otomayim B Dipper


Matthew Spade said...

he really is rocking it. i'm quite envious of its ease

Sean Santiago said...

saw him on The Sart! Awesome to hear he thrifts all of his looks and to get to know him a bit better - thanks for that!

Michele said...

Incredible style. I should thrift more.

Andrew said...

Woah thanks for sharing. I feel like some of those are pieces I would normally just skim past at a thrift store. He really pulls off things a lot of people couldn't

I do - however - have a pair of sweat pants in the exact material of that navy shirt he's wearing. I suddenly feel more justified in wearing it. Ha!

susie said...

damn, everything i'm seeing here i'm loving. the photos are great. and so is everything he's wearing.

thanks for this!

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