Saturday, October 1, 2011

Gobel's Grocery Store

For your weekend viewing pleasure, allow me to share a video of the Marlon Gobel Spring 2012 show, an interpretation of today's mad consumer culture, presented in classic menswear shapes: think digital fruit print shirts, a Budweiser knit sweater, and colorful mesh dress shirts reminiscent of eco-bags.

Marlon Gobel Spring 2012 video

Though I have to admit that the show was styled in a manner that I would not typically dress myself, there were a lot of items that I could envision working very well in my wardrobe, adding a punch to all those dreary darks. There's the Budweiser sweater, which with denim and beat-up Church's monkstraps, would be the perfect outfit for a low-key evening down in Bushwick, the purple and the red berry-print shirts, which would add some tartness to summer blacks, and that sheer honeycomb shirt that would look sweet with pleated black dress pants and not much else.

There's a familiar slickback-haired head sitting front-row, pretending to inspect the collection with journalistic integrity. See if you can find him.

lookbook photos by Allison Brown

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