Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nibbles: Cold Picnic Necklace

Neckwear need not always be of the -tie persuasion. (necklace made out of recycled bird toy leather and vintage chains by Cold Picnic)

In a similar vein to Style Salvage's Details posts, I'd like to introduce a new series on The Dandy Project simply called "Nibbles". In this age of fleeting attention spans and Tumblr-blogging, I know that you would sometimes prefer little nibbles of style over a four-course meal of my farfetched musings on fashion. Here's one for the last remaining hour of the weekend.

Cold Picnic's online store


Anonymous said...

Hi there, I wish to thank you for your blogging as I enjoy it very much and have only just discovered it yesterday - I went through almost all of your posts, great inspiration! Keep it up

Mensicon said...

The necklace so special..thanks for the great post

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