Monday, June 20, 2011

Blue Babies

Photos taken at the recent men's fashion gatherings in Italy, namely, Pitti Uomo in Florence and fashion week in Milan---particularly those shot by Tommy Ton---have shown a strong resurgence of everybody's favorite boy-color: blue. It wouldn't take a professional trendspotter to simply notice the general preference for blue, in all its most handsomely royal and vibrant iterations. Here are a few of my picks from the recently-surfaced street style snaps:

the Pitti Uomo menswear trade show, by Jak and Jil's Tommy Ton (via

Tommy's shots of the Milan Fashion Week scene (via

In response to the apparent wave of blue on the streets of Italy, allow me to share with you my very recent purchase, which I am about to mar on the scorching, occasionally-pungent, mean streets of New York. I thought to breathe a whiff of prep into my summer with a pair of Tod's driving shoes in a slightly burnished periwinkle-blue:

blue penny driving loafers by Tod's

the signature Tod's gommini pebbles that extend all the way to the back of the heel

I stubbornly cling to non-color for my clothing, and may not yet be ready to have all that blue next to my face. But as a gentle way of livening up a dark wardrobe for the warmer months, I think these blue shoes would be just right.
the Tod's threesome: my blue babies with my brother's in brown leather and my uncle's in brown suede

last three photographs by Mikee Tuason


Anonymous said...

I want those loafers :)


love these stylih men!!


Anonymous said...

Love your blog -and fashion details! If in Copenhagen then treat yourself to The GOODS Store - fashion for "real men", great accessories and a cool ambiance. Check out their new video:

Anonymous said...

I've noticed this blue avalanche , actually I also did a post on it . By the way great blog!

realestateismyporn said...

See this great story on Tod's:

Mountain Dandy said...

I really love the look of the guy in the tortoise shell glasses, polka dot shirt and jacket, and striped bow tie. He looks completely effortless.

Daryl @ short mens clothes said...

The paisley patch on the elbow of the guy in the blue jacket is an unpredictable surprise. I really liked it.

Jennifer said...

The Tod's loafers are simply perfect.

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