Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Marmor Eye Armor

In the search for summer's new sunglasses, the finalists were these two: the Illesteva Leonard sunglasses in olive, and the Leonards in marmor---a black, gray, and clear mottled marble. The lovely sales associate at Assembly said the olive ones looked really good, and the ones in marmor might be a little too "art dealer". Guess which pair I went for.

Illesteva Leonard sunglasses in Marmor

Central Park, 5/16/11

photographs by Mikee Tuason


Mat said...

those are extremely nice indeed. i only seem to wear one pair

Brandon said...

Art dealer! That's exactly what the people at oliver peoples said when I was looking! Best compliment ever!

I dream of looking exactly like Catherine O'Hara's character in Beetlejuice!

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