Monday, April 25, 2011

Beaten, Bronzed, and Bitten

A draining past few weeks has left me feeling all these three “b” words, with the second one owing to the recent bursts of sunny summer-esque days in New York City. This feeling of enervation brings in me a sudden preference for a more masculine, back-to-basics, even weathered aesthetic after months of piling on gemstones and clashing animal spots. These are what I find myself in the mood to slip on my fingers these days:

Stephen Einhorn beaten sterling silver ring. The weathered finish on this ring makes it wearable, and the heft brings a touch of opulence.

The same ring in gold:

Stephen Einhorn beaten ring in 18 carat yellow gold. I’m toying with the idea of wearing this ring on the thumb, as a nod to the 90s.

This rose gold “liquid” ring is silently masculine, and the warm tone would perfect accentuate a summer tan.

Stephen Einhorn liquid ring in rose gold

Perhaps it would take baby steps to wean me away from sparkle? This fang ring with pave-set brilliant cut rubies is both clever and dark.

Stephen Einhorn fang ring in white gold with pave brilliant-cut rubies

Slip it on to signify feelings of being bitten, or smitten, or suppose that the sanguine stones spell a scathing sentence to those you so spite.

Stephen Einhorn crafts handmade jewellery in their London workshops and specializes in custom-made pieces such as men’s wedding rings.

photos via Stephen Einhorn


Mia B. said...

I know it's passe to say this-- but that fang ring is fiiiierce. It's so you :)

Mat said...

as rings go they look really sooth which equals comfy in my books

Izzy said...

Haha Mat comfy was something I rarely considered in the past, but is starting to matter a little more nowadays..

Michele said...

I love the one in rose gold! I'm very interested in seeing this weathered look on you;)


amazing rings!!

Wholesale apparel said...

Great rings! I love them all.

David Toms said...

Love all these rings, hover the first one has my vote. has that beaten well worn look.

Handmade Designer Jewellery said...

Very well crafted and designed..... Great work.....

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