Monday, November 22, 2010

Self-made Szymon

Polish-born Szymon Zürn made the move from Poland to Sweden with absolutely nothing, at one point having to rummage through trash bins for necessities such as clothing. Today, he has a newly-launched online boutique where you could purchase his creations, as well as learn more about Szymon and the things that inspire him. For fashion fans like me, it is a poignant sight to see a designer right at the cusp of taking off in his career, more so one that exhibits such talent that might foreshadow great things in the future.

Szymon Zürn's Moonlight shearling jacket with a soft lambskin outer, a key piece for this winter. There are only six of this jacket made, and will be sold first-come-first-served.

I fell in love with the jackets. The materials are luxurious, the detailing elegant, and the shapes refreshingly relaxed. They are all featured in his online store's second floor, where you'd find pieces of a higher price point than the jeans, t-shirts, and accessories on the first floor.

My second favorite, the Hard Knock jacket in dark navy cashmere wool, with a leather buckle closure. I love the oddly high soft collar, the subtle slit pockets, and the relaxed silhouette that is drapey yet still very masculine.

I had a little chat with the designer, and discovered a slightly quirky character behind the almost stately, sober clothes he makes:

The Dandy Project: Tell us about your move from Poland to Sweden. How did it shape your aesthetic as a designer? What parts of your style are from Poland and what parts are from Sweden?

Szymon Zurn: Hmm, tough question! I think there is a soulful, don't-give-a-f*** type of aesthetic in my Polish roots. And at the same time, an elegance that goes back to Poland's rich history before the First and Second World Wars. On the other hand, Sweden taught me more about the importance of having good brand communications and discipline in business. My need and desire to be better was born in Sweden.

the Quiet jacket with its almost ghostly hidden peaked lapels

TDP: Who are your favorite designers?

SZ: Gabriele Pezzini is a role model, as a product developer.

Gabriele Pezzini on a park bench of his own design, photo via Blog Esprit-Design

TDP: Who wears your clothes?

SZ: An aspirational person. A person of great wealth. Strong. He is tomorrow's success.

The Sunshine jacket in brown leather is described on the site as a "raglan-cut college jacket", but to me it almost evokes the elegance of a classic Chanel boucle jacket. Zürn reinterprets it with a heavy dose of masculinity by rendering it in that glorious brown sueded leather.

TDP: If you were to design a piece for The Dandy Project, what would it be?

SZ: A piece for the Dandy Project would be a jacket, which would have a feeling of a Birkin bag, with a golden clutch and details in gold, in a egg-shell-white leather, soft but with a streamlined fit.

TDP: What is your favorite food?

SZ: Polish pickle soup with a nice, fresh piece of bread. My mom's pickle soup of course!

a portrait of Szymon Zürn and his sewing machine, against a backdrop of people who inspire him to be self-made


Taj said...

In love with the Sunshine Jacket!! this guy is really good I hope he makes it!! do u know where I can buy(or just browse) some of his stuff?

Izzy said...

Hi Taj: I linked him on the post, the site URL is:

Taj said...


Michael said...

Great questions. And what a nice answer to what he'd design for you.

David Toms said...

I ,ove all the choices you have given here, hard to choose just one, but if I had to I would chose the second.What an inspiration!

Brandon Acton-Bond said...

That ghost jacket is sublime. Hoping he gets to visit the US soon!

akinimod said...

no way, you're from Poland? me too!

Liam said...

Great choices here!

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