Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Giveaway: Springy Links

Otis Batterbee is a purveyor of fine English accessories that exude old-world appeal, subtly updated to suit modern tastes. They make accessories (many of which you normally wouldn't give much though to but could potentially up your style quotient by heaps): handkerchiefs, wash bags, luggage refreshers, and eye masks, all out of the dandiest fabrics such as English tweeds and cotton florals. I'm a huge fan of their Country Pile Travel Gift Set, and could very well imagine myself slipping on that nice jewel-red monogrammed eye mask halfway through the trans-Pacific flight in first class.

The folks at Otis Batterbee were kind enough as to give away a pair of cufflinks to The Dandy Project readers:
Otis Batterbee Primrose Floral cufflinks in cotton and silver-plated metal

They remind me so much of Spring, and in the middle of this damp, dreary Autumn in Boston, it would be nice to imagine wearing these on a crisp white shirt subtly peeking out of the perfect beige spring trench coat.

For a chance at winning these cufflinks, answer the question "What is your favorite season and what is your favorite thing to wear during that season?" Please include your e-mail address at the end of the comment.

Contest is open to all readers around the world. The winner will be chosen at 6 pm, Eastern Time, and will be contacted regarding shipping information. Can't wait to hear from you!

EDIT: The winner, by random selection, is Lee! I will be contacting you shortly. Thanks for joining, everyone.


Matthew Spade said...

very cool giveaway and the cufflinks are just genius.

here's mine,

my favourite season by far is autumn/fall.....i don't feel very confident in the summer, i tend to blend into the background and look quite normal. does anyone else feel like this?

i just love to wear a nice piece of knitwear with a wool coat. but to break it down, today was the perfect day, around 5 degrees and blistering sunshine. navy wool pea coat, navy woolly fishermans jumper some black jeans and brown loake brogues, green tartan scarf of course.

to some up fall makes me feel confident with my wardrobe!

Jesse said...

Oh no! Hope I made the cutoff! My favorite season is winter, where I can fashion my newest Macintosh coat from LV. Skinny trousers with slick coats make for a great dandy silhouette.


Anonymous said...

My favourite season is winter. I absolutely cannot live without my chunky grey knitted circle scarf paired with my leather button down shirt. I had to mention both articles because they go so well together ... basically they are inseparable.

email: jejejejeje@live.ca Thanks :D

Unknown said...

my fav. season is summer
u know i can wear like very bright colour t-shirt with short plus socks.
sometimes t-shirt+hoodie (we are all afraid of a sun damage right?) and (sikinny) jeans.
sometimes i can wear a hat and sunglasses for the accessories.
email : rilexander@gmail.com

Unknown said...

My favourite season is winter, the only season you can really get away with wearing a proper coat or jacket here in Sydney.
I love to wear my burgundy Marithé + François Girbaud jacket. It has a curious secondary button layer that when done up gives the appearance that you are wearing a waistcoat under the jacket! That combinded with my nice black italian shirt, a silk neckerchief and a pair of dark jeans and boots has me feeling very much the modern dandy!

my email: ajmsansom@yahoo.com.au

Suorpio said...

I love autumn the most because it's neither too warm nor too cold and hence I can go for more or fewer layers without suffering too much on a given day. It is the season when I can realistically wear the widest spectrum of outfits.

Plus there's Halloween. Many of those costumes find their way into my regular rotation.

Email concealed below because you really shouldn't post your email online


Lee said...

I love autumn/winter the best. Layering is like a pastime during those months. The cooler weather allows you to be creative with your apparel because you need functionality and fashionability.

I love to wear my thick wool socks, Madden boots and slim corduroy trousers. For the top I layer my utility jacket over flannel over a vneck. Of course the outfit wouldn't be complete without a knit scarf. Sometimes if it's cold enough I break out vintage earmuffs.

Oh how I love the cold.


Jazz said...

Has to be fall/winter. In the summer it just becomes a crowd of t-shirts and shorts. When the cooler weather rolls around there is complete re-invention and a thousand interpretations for style.

Nothing makes you feel more stylish than a thick wool military overcoat, a giant knitted scarf and some classic brogues.

Not to mention there is so much inspiration for fashion from the colour-changing leaves to haze and fog at night.


Alex Ingram said...

Dope. Favorite Season. Spring. Favorite thing to wear, bright colored caridans a light tee shirt, slim jeans and khakis

tuxandtie.blogspot.com | twitter.com/tuxandtie

Andrew said...

My favorite season is faul. My style is very dark and I like to wear dark and layer. We don't get much of a fall here but I have so many jackets that are only appropriate during this type of year.

Fashion Philosopher said...

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PS: I really enjoy your blog and you are right: a bit of dandyism a men's live is like the icing on a cake- it makes live this little bit more delicious...

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