Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I.T Post: Promise for Print?

I was privileged to be commissioned by the talented Kwannam Chu to write an article for the Autumn/Winter 2010 issue of I.T Post. My copy arrived in the mail today and I was floored with awe at the aesthetic richness that literally popped out of the pages.

the front and back covers, recursively printed with images of a model forming what looks like vertebrae

I.T Post isn't so much a magazine as it is an art project by high-end Hong Kong retailer I.T. Under the creative direction of Kwannam Chu (also of the popular blog on menswear and male models, We Could Grow Up Together), it takes the traditional fashion-spread editorials to a new level with progressive styling, experimental art direction, and even three-dimensional elements. The magazine feels like a piece of art to behold; I think today's leading fashion publications could take a cue from I.T Post to give their readers a reason to purchase the hard copy.

A peek at the 3-D elements:

Can an online magazine pop up into a psychedelic clear dome filled with miniature standees of select looks from the latest Gareth Pugh collection and sit nicely on your coffee table? I don't think so.

in one of the editorials: a layered pop-up frame that appears to be decoupaged cut-outs lightly floating above each other

close-up of the frame. Note the spiders, the gecko, and the other creatures.

Select pages from the editorials:

a face mask of nuts and washers that would go perfectly with my nuts-and-washers shirt, Margiela money clip that I would totally use if I didn't carry my life in my wallet

The piece I wrote:

By now you'd have noticed my penchant of rhyming and alliterative titles.

I would always be the first to rally for the merits of having anything online, but it's great work like this that remind you of the delight of having such a thing of beauty to flip with your own hands and keep neatly on a stack in the middle of your living room that spell some faint promise for print media.

I just couldn't be more grateful to have been a part of it.

I.T Post is available at I.T boutiques in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing.


Chip said...

Wow, congrats! It looks like an awesome mag

Jade said...

im jealouss , give me it

Camie said...

This is fantastic, Izzy!!!!


Michael said...

Congratulations to you and Kwannam Chu. That looks fantastic.

joy said...

It is intriguing to find out that Kwannam Chu is working with so many different types of media. Congratulations. I wish the project the best of luck.


Philipp said...

Wow this looks fantastic!!
I'd love to have one!

Brandon Acton-Bond said...

I want to see the whole article you wrote izz! can you post it? PS COMGRATS!!! Although the last time I went into IT one of the sales guys really aggressively hit on me so much that I had to run into the connecting CDG store (where he followed me until I said I had to go!!!).

Mat said...

wow congrats. that mag looks just amazing, wish i could get hold off one. really like the layout of your article too

wekilledCOUTURE. said...

It is absolutely gorgeous! wish i could get my hands on that!

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