Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Green Plaid Grasshopper + Zip-front Dr. Marten's

Thank goodness for the first-world and the retail opportunities it offers which have previously been unavailable to me back home.

1. fancy vintage stores
The treasure trove of thrift shops in Manila, more commonly known as ukay-ukays, is quite extensive, but I just never had mustered the courage to rummage through those authentically dingy clothing racks. But package the thrift shops a little more nicely, charge a premium if you must, and I'm all over it! I scored a delightful deal at the vintage store today:

a small navy, green and yellow tartan-plaid vintage suitcase by Grasshopper

It's in great condition, handle, zipper, and even the locking zipper pull all in tip-top shape.

close-up of the label

The monogrammed initials sealed the deal for me.

I plan on using it as a briefcase, much like my own re-creation of this extremely drool-worthy combo of vintage bag + Dr. Martens posted on Jak and Jil a few weeks back,

which brings me to the second reason why I'm thankful I'm in the United States now:

2. online shopping
No where is online shopping as convenient, diverse, and affordable (free shipping all around!) as it is in the US. I remember so vividly: April this year, on Oxford Street, London, I was complimenting this dapper Japanese fellow who worked sales at Uniqlo on his sublime pointed zip-front Dr. Martens boots:

the second half of my re-creation of the Jak and Jil look

I asked him where I could get them, he replied they had been in store a few seasons back, and were most likely out of stock now. He was right. Fast forward to today; after a few clicks around google, I tracked down one of the few last pairs, entered my card details, and voila, they're mine.

See you in three to five business days!

P.S. Oh and The Dandy Project just turned one year old last September 2. Thank you, readers, for all your love and support. Congratulate me!


Style & Beyond said...

winner find!! how big is it?? ooh and i could totally see you pull off the DM's =)

congrats with the purchase again!


khaz said...

eez very nice eezy

Pret a Porter P said...

yah!!!! i love the online shopping too! :)

Matthew Spade said...

happy belated birthday the dandy project!

great find, i can see you pulling this off very well.

Pascal Grob said...

glad you're back blogging and congrats!! sorry about the interview, i'm like the worst interviewee ever :(

Isabel said...

Supersick! I can't wait until you wear the Docs in an outfit post. It's going to be legendary.

fuchsiaboy said...

i remember yohji yamamoto did a collab with dr. marten's, also. you should check ebay for it. it'l be nice addition to your sartorial armory. ;)

Unknown said...

congrats on your anniversary and for scoring those sick boots.

i'm forever pining for a vintage suitcase like that one by grasshopper and that doctor satchel on jak & jill. the hunt continues.

toxic disco boy said...

congrats! i've been a silent reader here. love ur blog. and that DMs are amazing!

love, kisses and such

Natalie said...

Congratulations on your 1-year! Nice job tracking down those DMs. I see you've made some good shoe purchases as of late :)
-Natalie from Shop It To Me

borly said...

great find! are any DM low-cut pointed lace-ups?

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