Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Leather Jacket Love

My recent discovery of the wonders of the leather jacket has driven me to the point of obsession. Living in the tropics all my life, I've never really had the chance to wear one, nor did I ever need to own one.

Trying the leather jacket thing on for size, I think I scored a jackpot. This very reasonably priced one from H&M is well-designed and minimal, and the matte distressed leather feels great to touch.

I mean, how awesome is a leather jacket? It keeps you warm when the temperatures drop, but you stay cool wearing it when it starts to get a little warmer again. Wearing it, you never look dressed too wintery or too summery for the occasion. Over time it stretches out and molds to the shape of your body, making it even more comfortable, and uniquely yours. It's immensely flattering, and somehow gives the wearer an air of rebellious confidence, believable or not.

leather jacket with a hint of architecture, by Rick Owens

The same fellow in the previous picture now sports one by Julius, a Japanese label which, in my opinion, creates nearly perfect leather jackets that exude just the right amount of dark coolness while being classic enough to be investment pieces you could practically live in for years.  (via Streetpeeper)

another Julius leather

The rule of thumb on leather jackets is to keep sizing down until you find one that would be impossible for you to zip closed, then get the one size bigger than that. However, this fellow raises a dirty finger at the rules by wearing a biker jacket that fits slightly loose on the torso, and that's a little too short.

He plays with proportion even more by wearing it with pleated trousers, but somehow it all seems to work. (photo by The Facehunter)

Benjamin Bruno of V Man creates a fresh new shape by layering his leather jacket over a long wool coat:

photo by Jak and Jil

Blossoming from this newfound leather jacket love, I intend to slowly build up my arsenal of leather jackets in different styles and colors. High up on my list is a good black motorcycle jacket, something like a men's version of the ubiquitous Balenciaga biker jacket for women. I'm also thinking leather jackets in navy and gray, or perhaps even in tan.

Apart from those planned purchases, I do intend to get this multipocketed beauty from the Jimmy Choo for H&M collection. I just hope the H&M near me carries the Jimmy Choo line.

Shopping savvy residents of the temperate countries, care to share tips on where I can score deals on some great-looking leather jackets? I'm on hoarding mode.


Unknown said...

very nice indeed, it that h&m one a real leather or fake? it looks very really indeed.

great post, i remember the guy with the looser leather and brown trousers, the image was saved instantly. looooooooove the jak & jil shot of the short leather and long wool coat, i remember thinking, "wow thats new"

Isabel said...

I've been looking for the perfect leather jacket for years. I have a black twill motorcycle jacket that does the trick until my day comes.

fuchsiaboy said...

one crazy purchase i couldn't resist is a very sick ann demeulemeester leather biker jacket which i try to use occasionally during really cold february here in siem reap.

i think she's one designer who also make those really cool leather pieces look like buttery soft cardigans with an edge.

Anonymous said...

Hi Izzy! Its nice that you've been posting regularly already (making up for the lack of posts the past weeks? ^^). While reading this entry, I was forming a love for leather jackets!

I found a low-priced leather jacket at Uniqlo: ¥5000 = PhP 2500.

Speaking of Uniqlo, the Jil Sander for Uniqlo collection is already out. :)

- B

Izzy said...

b: Thanks so much for the link, I would have really wanted it in off white. I just wish Uniqlo was available where I am.

glee said...

This is a wonderful post. I love jacket! :)

Seldom do I meet fashion blogs by Filipinos. Glad to meet yours.

Leather Directory said...

LOve the jacket in the forth pic from has that pretty leather shine and also the 2 big zipers are great details.. I just can't figure is this a black jacket or is it grayish a bit..?

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