Thursday, October 1, 2009

Boy in the Snood

I'm a huge fan of exaggeration when it comes to things worn the neck up: voluminous scarves, overly crazy necklaces, large sunglasses, and high hair. Imagine my delight when a really chunky black snood (scarf+hood, I'm guessing) decided to show up at the H&M nearest me.
H&M snood in the finer rib version

The snood has always been on my radar ever since I saw this photo from Jak and Jil, and when Christopher Bailey paraded some on his Burberry Prorsum runways:

It isn't September anymore, and, as if equipped with calendars, the winds made sure to blow with all their October gusto this morning.

Ray-ban glasses, H&M thick-knit snood, DIY whistle necklace, H&M sweater, Casio watch, DIY fingerless gloves, Cheap Monday jeans, Opening Ceremony shoes

Yet another cheap Casio watch arrived in the mail a few days ago, the purchase of which my flatmate completely detests given the fact that I already own a couple of well-made watches.

My friend, you just don't get it. Cheap watches are ugly-charming, they seem to go well with the weirdest of outfits, and you never have to worry about misplacing them. Tell me, does your Cartier glow turquoise at the push of a button?


The Velvet Scientist said...

lovely. still a bit warm here for scarves, but my American Apparel circle scarf is ready and waiting for colder days. and hey - I have your same H&M sweater, only in other colours.


EJ said...

That sweater is H&M?? Damn! I'm going to have so go back to scouting out H&M menswear more regularly.

I love light up watches, that casio one is really cute. Where did you order it from?

Matthew Spade said...

yeah i saw this yesterday in my local, i didnt try it or anything tho, it looked massive. but doesnt hear, whats the secret?

yup i down with the watch, i have that one in gold (as everyone else does) but i don't wear it so much anymore.

Isabel said...

Agreed - the chunky scarf look rules. I have an AA circle scarf and I wear it just about every day in the wintertime.

fuchsiaboy said...

indeed, cartier doesnt glow, non? ;) your argument made me smile. :)

Unknown said...

lol about the watch. "ugly-charming" is the perfect way to say it. i love the watch.

Joni Andrea said...

I've been wanting a snood for the longest time. Ugg I wish we had AA and H&M here in the Philippines. :/

Hahaha and I agree with your watch comment. Cartier doesn't have come with gel straps as well. :)

Natalie said...

Funny - I love that the Casio watch is called "Illuminator".
-Natalie from Shop It To Me

Christina said...

I love your sweater! It's so bright :)


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