Friday, August 28, 2009

Blank Canvas

Between the furniture assembling, grocering, cooking, scouting for a yoga studio, learning how to do the laundry, and numerous administrative errands needed to be run all to get settled in, shopping has been the only thing keeping me sane. Bereft of my fashiony friends in a city that doesn't put much of a premium on creative dressing, much less does it keep abreast with what's happening in the fashion world, I stock up on items in between classic and out-there, a cautious move as I wait to uncover the innate style and spot the stylish people of Boston.

The white linen oxfords shown above (set against the vivacious pattern of the IKEA desk chair I assembled myself!) were one of my in-between purchases. They remind me a lot of buck shoes:

quite a popular photo by The Sartorialist taken a few months ago

except they aren't made of buck skin. Ideas flooded my mind as I caught sight of them at the store: I could doodle on them with a Sharpie, smear them with paint, dip-dye them degrade, or even stud them with multicolor gems! Or I could just wear them and let them wear out, allow them to naturally get soiled by the earth of a city I have yet to discover.


Pret a Porter P said...

white linen! that sounds so great.
you can spray with water/stain repellent, i really like that inspiration picture by the sartorialist.

Anonymous said...

i totally just bought these saddle shoes from U.O! except mine are two-tone (navy and cream).

Annette said...

if you are looking for "fashiony" friends in Boston may I suggest

Joey Bahamas said...

Just bought these a few days white and black. $19.99 each!


Style & Beyond said...

just came across your blog and so excited to see another Pinoy! you actually look familiar -- did you go to CSA?? :)

PS: good luck with Boston!
linking your blog..:)


Style & Beyond said...

hey thanks :) and sorry, i thought you looked familiar!! love your style too -- very sartorialist inspired:)

what do you do in Boston? :)


Style & Beyond said...

how exciting! Good luck!! =)
been here in NY/NJ for 5 years now..
work and i'm just starting Fashion school today @ Parsons!! too excited =)

Anonymous said...

what a romantic way to say "white shoes that become filthy brown."
i suppose you could wear them white and then after they ... change, naturally, on their own, you could then attack them with a diy.

Isabel said...

I think you should buy at least 3 more pairs of the same shoes and try all of those DIYS!!

we could grow up 2gether said...

u make me JEALOUS

fuchsiaboy said...

can't wait to read more of your boston adventure izzy! you will be dearly missed during fashion week ;)

Unknown said...

indeed, they will tell the story of your walk of life... such beautiful shoes! the sole is what really does it for me.
what brand are they??? :O i really want to get them for myself! :D
love reading up on your blog, btw!

Izzy said...

thanks, Felicitas. I got them from Urban Outfitters a while back.

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