Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fall-ing for Robert Geller

A glimpse of the individual pieces of Robert Geller's Fall 2009 collection has gotten me longing for fall, especially now that it's sweltering outside and a yoga session at an open-air room feels like hot yoga. Though I don't see myself wearing every piece in the collection, I do think quite a number of them are very much inspired. As individual pieces, they succeed in evoking that dark, mischievous enigma that we associate with Robert Geller. My top picks:

The degrade shirt with built-in bowtie

This degrade shirt in purple + Malibu pink had already caught my eye the moment it stepped out the New York Fall 09 runway, it was probably my favorite piece in the collection. Seeing now that it's got a built-in self-tie bowtie, I'm lusting for it even more intensely.

the same shirt in black and white, tied

The half-and-half shirt

Geller does a great job at doing dark and deranged with this identity crisis-afflicted top, which I much prefer in the more somber colorway.

I would have wanted to have my tailor do my version of this half-and-half shirt, but alas, it wouldn't make it in time for my flight. (Unless, of course, I could stuff him in my suitcases and take him with me to Boston). Oh the print combinations I could think of! I'd also love to experiment by combining fabrics of different textures and drapes; I'm thinking heavy silk+sheer georgette, or oxford cotton+jersey.

The wide-waistband trousers

These wide-waistband cotton trousers give a nod to the cummerbund silhouette while still maintaining a relaxed feel. The single pleat on each leg is just right.

The furry-collar short jacket

This looks like the perfect fall jacket to throw on over basics. The curved placket, furry collar (Is it shearling? or astrakhan?), and antique brass buttons evoke a restrained opulence.

The big scarf
And lastly, a gracefully chunky oversize scarf for those days when you want to appear detached from the world but the truth is you're saying "Look at me and my dramatically exaggerated neckwear!" And it keeps you warm, too!

It also comes in beige. Now isn't this just dandy?

images from Leon


Cillian said...

Veritably. Am lusting after the degrade shirts, esp. the black-and-white.

Geller's one of NY's best for menswear, imo.


Mat said...

wow ok, really impressed with these, those are my kind of shirts. i would wear and now want all of this. well you could always wear to of the same shirts if diff colours buttoned up around the front together and tied somehow around the back by the arms?

Isabel said...

Damn, I need to start doing yoga.

Okay, I think I need that half plaid/half plain shirt.

Lynn said...

very dandy indeed. i love the degarde shirts.

Lost said...

any ideas on who is stocking this>?

Rachel said...

It will be so exciting to know you're in my hometown! Boston can be boring -- but maybe we'll see you on Newbury Street and round the South Boston side.

Giancinephile said...

The degrade effect is certainly dramatic and the exaggerated scarf extremely desirable.

Geller seems to have interesting stuff season after season. His SS 2010 is also one to look up to!

yiqin; said...

I love how the colors fade in the shirt.

Hapsical Blog said...

I agree, lots of great stuff here.

up and down town said...

ooooo, i like the black and white one...
i am LOVING my robert geller blazer - linen, men's (of course) gey (of course). i brought it along to amsterdam.

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