Thursday, January 29, 2009

The New Neckwear: a Compilation

Bow ties are a blessing: they're polished, compact, and unlike neck ties you don't need to spend minutes adjusting the length so they fall exactly in the middle of your belt buckle.  But much as I love my bow ties, I know we'll all sooner or later be tired of them.  Don't fret, there are tons of other options out there; one or two new alternatives keep sprouting every now and then so I have decided to compile them into three categories: the classics reinvented, the unconventionals, and the DIY's:

The classics reinvented
1.  Lanvin feather ties and bow ties - pretty avant-garde (I hate using the term) takes on the classic necktie and bow tie, but I think their lack of poufiness prevents them from crossing the line from precious to ridiculous.

2.  The oversized cowl - a play on proportions, worn masterfully by Robbie Spencer of Dazed and Confused.

from Jak and Jil
3.  The Lego bow tie - worn by Galahad of Hapsical.  There are no words...

The unconventionals
1.  The bolo tie - Yes, that's what you call it.  I've seen it worn well by a couple of people, so I think it's doable!

2.  The printed silk scarf - extremely difficult to pull off, you've gotta have the balls.  

on Frederic B. of Tales from Frederic

3.  Lanvin's deliciously effeminate long silk scarves

Lanvin Fall 09

4.  Necklaces as neck tie substitutes

South American


5.  Kanye - Can someone tell me what Mr. West is wearing in this picture?  Whatever it is, it looks interesting.

The DIY's
1.  Velvet ribbons

Naboonies' supermarket find

Definitely not menswear, but I've seen guys rock this look pretty well.  Worn by Brook & Lyn

2.  The air tie - The DIY that requires the least amount of effort, and possibly my favorite of all the necktie-alternatives mentioned!

on Gustav of ModeMan

on Giovanni at Garance Dore

Anything I missed?  Let me know!


Dr. Debonaire said...

What a cool post! I love the Lanvin feather ties! I really want a colonel tie. I've been wanting one for a while bc I am getting a little bored with bow-ties. I haven't been able to find one yet, though.

Brook and Lyn said...

wait a min...who is that girl?! Thanks for the support! I'm also really liking the Lanvin's long silk scarf, Kanye's scarf tie? and the matching shirt tie combo. I don't know how you get your bowtie looking so perfect...I tried a couple of times and failed therefore just wear it loose.

Giancinephile said...

As far as neckwear is concerned, I'm soooo keen on having those knitted/crocheted effect scarves thanks to Ferre's AW09 show. haha

Frederic said...

I love U.

LJ said...

the feather and lego ties are fucking class. DIY idea for sure....
xx-LJ from SOS!

Wax said...

Izzy, this one looks interesting:


izzydore said...

brook: it's not perfect! that's what I love about bow ties that you tie yourself :)

gian: just checked them out. voluminous, but subtly elegant.

frederic: haha you were the best example of how to wear a printed silk scarf!!

wax: interesting.. it might be made of christmas ornaments, don't you think?

Wax said...

could be! :D

here's another one from the Dior Homme AW06 show:

izzydore said...

wax: bowtie on steroids!!! Id totally wear that if I were invited to watch a show at Tokyo or even Paris fashion week!

mademoiselleb said...

I love all of them, they are all interesting to be worn.

mademoiselleb said...

Thanks for your comments. I answered on my own blog.


-h of candid cool said...

i like the lanvin ties.

i think kayne's is a sort of necklace/scarf. i was going to guess it was from dior homme, but looking thru their fall runway, i didnt see exactly what he's wearing. but i feel like ive seen what kayne is wearing before.

XJ said...

Do you know where I can find bolo ties like the one you posted? Coz all those I saw are very cowboy and I'm looking for something more new age.

Izzy said...

XJ: I honestly don't know. eBay might probably be your best bet.

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